Monday, August 13, 2012


Trying to keep my strength and wits about me as this school year starts to happen.
Today has been a bit of a stressor, and I don't like it like this. Tears are going to come at any time. All that hard work that I had built of this summer of being a strong and independent person just doesn't seem to be enough right now.

End for now.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The countdown begins..again!

It's finally August, which means several things for me and so far they seem to be equal amounts of good and bad. Which sucks, because it's still officially summer, I still have some time to have some fun before I have to go back to school. But that doesn't seem to be the case for me this summer, wanna know why? I'm too busy being an adult and trying to figure everything out.

In a nutshell and in no particular order, here's some of the things that are currently raising my blood pressure:

  • This weekend my ex and his new girlfriend move back to campus to begin RA training. I intend to be nice to them when it's necessary, but I also intend to make  as little contact with either of them.
  • My car still isn't in my possession yet. I picked it out almost two weeks ago and my uncle who is working very hard to get everything for it to be officially mine is working himself to the ground and I appreciate it, but not driving for almost half a year is tough on a girl. 
  • My roommate and I are waiting to hear back about jobs on campus that we were the first to apply to and we haven't heard anything yet and we're starting to get very worrisome. 
  • Plus, I haven't received any information about my financial aid awards for the year yet, and I kind of need these. Like as much as I need the job that I'm freaking out about. 
  • Also, I currently kind of like two guys at the same time. But I'm also worried that liking them may mess up my goal of being an independent this year. 

So, yeah...welcome to August everyone! Future college students, if you're anything like me apparently the beginning of your sophomore year is going to be bittersweet. The first part of the month sadly more bitter than sweet. 

and...............I'm done. For now.