Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An early Christmas gift and an idea!

The other day I got a call, it was one of my uplines for a company that I am kind of a representative for. Maybe you have heard of it? Avon anyone? Anyways the call was to inform me that the HD Flip camcorders that were supposed to be the "big item" for this past month's campaign was going down in price ANOTHER 20 dollars or so! So since I have been wanting a camera for who knows how long. I ordered one for myself as an EARLY Christmas present to myself. It should be arriving sometime this week and with that my creative juices will start to flow!

Now for my idea! I know it's not a very original one because it has been done by Fiveawesomegirls,Vlogbrothers, and a few other awesome Youtube favorites but if this all works out like I'm hoping it will and goes down the way I see it in my head than I will be a very happy girl! I should probably give some sort of explanation now if you didn't watch the links but my brother who is thirteen lives about 45 minutes away from my house and since my old car wasn't always reliable enough to get to where he was and construction is always being done on I-35 I thought, "hey what if I give him a look into my life and what I do and see everyday and film it!" Hints the camera and now I want his guardians/my aunt and uncle to get him one too (hopefully they have internet access) and he and I can make videos for each other now and again! I'm so excited for my first one already because I have had the idea since I went to The Cancer Survivors Park of Kansas City. Also, apparently I don't know my own home town too well because I never knew it was there!

Question: Is there any special Christmas gift your hoping to get under your tree this year, and what is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Mine is the hot cocoa, family gatherings and the food that others and I make!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Pros and Cons of being single (during the holidays)

It's that time of year again folks! Football games are in full swing, chili is being made by the gallon and couples every where are anticipating many firsts in the their relationships. Or some of the more seasoned couples are wishing they could do this. I on the other hand will be most likely feeding my internet addiction, visiting family and a few friends, and watching my DVD collection for the 2nd or 3rd time in a row. Lame right? I know! My increasing levels of lame never cease to amaze me so that is why I have decided to compile a list of Pros and Cons of being single during this lovely time of year.

Pro: You can eat whatever you want and not feel guilty about it.
Con: Right before Spring you start to feel a tad bit guilty about it.

Pro: You don't have to worry about buying any gifts for their side of the family (including just a bottle of wine)
Con: Not having anyone to cuddle up next to the fireplace with to drink cocoa.

Pro: You get full control of the remote, so all of those old school holiday movies that you love are yours for the enjoying.
Con: You get to cuddle on the couch with the cat or the dog.

Pro: You can make up excuses to leave a couple filled party and go do your own thing.
Con: At said parties you are reminded that you're still single.

Pro: You prep your car for the winter and show the car who's boss!
Con: A car smart guy is always a helpful friend to have around.

Pro: No one to keep you from having a great time!
Con: No one is there to stop you from having too much of a great time.

Pro: Your time and money is spent the way you want.
Con: Sometimes it's nice to surpise someone with little gifts and with your time.

Pro: You come home to your own thing.
Con: If you have had a bad day, you don't have anyone that is already there to comfort you.

So it seems that this has just become a general Pros and Cons list of the single life,which tends to be a very sharp double edged sword unless you have managed to snag a really, really great guy or girl and then in that case I wish you nothing but the best for days to come! :) If not then embrace the independence and the freedom that single life offers! Because being an independent and self sufficient member of society is a beautiful thing!

So what are some of your Pros and Cons about the single life, or if your in a relationship what are the Pros and Cons of it?

Have a lovely day/evening all!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Independent Women, FTW! Until they meet a douche..( Beauty and the Beast syndrome at it's worst)

What do you do when your best friend of 5 years starts dating someone and your left behind and have become a substitute?

First off I really am happy for my best friend, she's been living the single life for quite some time and she has really shined through it all. She personified the term "independent woman". Sure she's struggled here and there, who hasn't? But she has always come out shining. I'm very proud to be able to call her my friend. But I am worried that she may be losing some of her luster.

I don't know if this has happened to you but I think that this is just ridiculous! **I'm about to be a little bitter and bitchy for a paragraph or two** I was here first, I was here for her when she needed me to kill the bugs that were in her way and to reach the things on the high shelves. Now I'm just the fill in if the boyfriend can't hang out for some reason. That's not how I roll. Especially since before he came along people used to ask us if she and I were sisters, SISTERS!
But the second he flashes his shiny car and they share their first kiss she's gone like I was never here! It really doesn't help that he thinks he's better than me just because he works at a hospital,drives a nice car,and is in school. But I have gone through more in my short life then he can ever imagine and I've worked for all that I have. This may be exaggerating the situation a little bit but it feels like every day she goes more and more into the dark side. We all know that good things never come to those that fully convert. Sigh. I'm sorry I just really,really needed to get this out. There's more but I'm not going to share it for personal reasons.

Also someone that calls his gay brother a "waste of space" and then calls themselves a "Christian" while doing so, needs some help. Most recently though he did something to me that totally messed up my night and I was not amused. He and my friend went out and a few days before I had just got my new (new to me) car and I heard a slam. I think I knew it was his doors when he came in and goes, "Nicole, um did you hear that noise? I accidentally thought my gas pedal was my brake. I'm sorry." I was a little more then mad at this point, even though in my head I knew that he didn't but I was still pissed off. He then came back to my door laughing and nonchalantly goes, "I was just messing with you Nicole, you should have seen your face!" All the while laughing and my room mate is nowhere to be found,I hope she makes him apologize to me. You just don't do that to someone that hasn't had many nice things (mainly cars) in their life. Maybe it's just me....


So here's a little diddy for the man child (my friends bf)

Tell me, have you ever lost a friend to a significant other or felt abandoned by a friend?

P.S Let me make it clear, I'm not hot for the guy or jealous of my friend (if she's happy I'm happy,even if I think the guy is a jerk.) and right now I'm just seeing what's out there for me. I don't mind the single life. When someone is supposed to come into my life they will, until then I'm taking care of my stuff and waiting.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My attempt to put some hope in the hopeless.

It seems that my life seems to resonate quite well with the old addage "You don't know what you had until it's gone"; for example the ability to drive. Last week I was going to get my room mate's sister and take her to school but on the way I got into a car accident that totaled my car and severely bruised my ego and hands because before that fateful day things were going splendid for me. I was starting a new job, starting to get my insurance lower and more manageable as well as starting to see a chance of moving out into a place of my own. But my resilience and abundant amount of optimism only let me wallow for about an hour and a half. My dad's voice popped into my head repeating something to me that he had done for many a years and that was "Pull yourself up by your boot straps and go on with your life!" My dad was/is a very wise man, I know that he is deceased but he has never left my heart. :) So I did just that and so far things are already starting to look up, I have two jobs that I actually kind of like and my future is starting to look brighter everyday!

So if you are having a bad day,week,or month I just want to let you know that it will get better, you just need to have some patience and a great supportive group behind you and you will do just fine. If you don't have anyone that you can talk to about anything your going through that is particularly tough to deal with you can talk to me and I will try to help you as best I can.

This may help too: i hope this helps :) and hopefully this too. :)

Have a lovely day/night all!


P.S I have been through a LOT in my life and while we all go through different things you never know what you and a stranger have in common until you talk.