Friday, November 12, 2010

Independent Women, FTW! Until they meet a douche..( Beauty and the Beast syndrome at it's worst)

What do you do when your best friend of 5 years starts dating someone and your left behind and have become a substitute?

First off I really am happy for my best friend, she's been living the single life for quite some time and she has really shined through it all. She personified the term "independent woman". Sure she's struggled here and there, who hasn't? But she has always come out shining. I'm very proud to be able to call her my friend. But I am worried that she may be losing some of her luster.

I don't know if this has happened to you but I think that this is just ridiculous! **I'm about to be a little bitter and bitchy for a paragraph or two** I was here first, I was here for her when she needed me to kill the bugs that were in her way and to reach the things on the high shelves. Now I'm just the fill in if the boyfriend can't hang out for some reason. That's not how I roll. Especially since before he came along people used to ask us if she and I were sisters, SISTERS!
But the second he flashes his shiny car and they share their first kiss she's gone like I was never here! It really doesn't help that he thinks he's better than me just because he works at a hospital,drives a nice car,and is in school. But I have gone through more in my short life then he can ever imagine and I've worked for all that I have. This may be exaggerating the situation a little bit but it feels like every day she goes more and more into the dark side. We all know that good things never come to those that fully convert. Sigh. I'm sorry I just really,really needed to get this out. There's more but I'm not going to share it for personal reasons.

Also someone that calls his gay brother a "waste of space" and then calls themselves a "Christian" while doing so, needs some help. Most recently though he did something to me that totally messed up my night and I was not amused. He and my friend went out and a few days before I had just got my new (new to me) car and I heard a slam. I think I knew it was his doors when he came in and goes, "Nicole, um did you hear that noise? I accidentally thought my gas pedal was my brake. I'm sorry." I was a little more then mad at this point, even though in my head I knew that he didn't but I was still pissed off. He then came back to my door laughing and nonchalantly goes, "I was just messing with you Nicole, you should have seen your face!" All the while laughing and my room mate is nowhere to be found,I hope she makes him apologize to me. You just don't do that to someone that hasn't had many nice things (mainly cars) in their life. Maybe it's just me....


So here's a little diddy for the man child (my friends bf)

Tell me, have you ever lost a friend to a significant other or felt abandoned by a friend?

P.S Let me make it clear, I'm not hot for the guy or jealous of my friend (if she's happy I'm happy,even if I think the guy is a jerk.) and right now I'm just seeing what's out there for me. I don't mind the single life. When someone is supposed to come into my life they will, until then I'm taking care of my stuff and waiting.

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