Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An early Christmas gift and an idea!

The other day I got a call, it was one of my uplines for a company that I am kind of a representative for. Maybe you have heard of it? Avon anyone? Anyways the call was to inform me that the HD Flip camcorders that were supposed to be the "big item" for this past month's campaign was going down in price ANOTHER 20 dollars or so! So since I have been wanting a camera for who knows how long. I ordered one for myself as an EARLY Christmas present to myself. It should be arriving sometime this week and with that my creative juices will start to flow!

Now for my idea! I know it's not a very original one because it has been done by Fiveawesomegirls,Vlogbrothers, and a few other awesome Youtube favorites but if this all works out like I'm hoping it will and goes down the way I see it in my head than I will be a very happy girl! I should probably give some sort of explanation now if you didn't watch the links but my brother who is thirteen lives about 45 minutes away from my house and since my old car wasn't always reliable enough to get to where he was and construction is always being done on I-35 I thought, "hey what if I give him a look into my life and what I do and see everyday and film it!" Hints the camera and now I want his guardians/my aunt and uncle to get him one too (hopefully they have internet access) and he and I can make videos for each other now and again! I'm so excited for my first one already because I have had the idea since I went to The Cancer Survivors Park of Kansas City. Also, apparently I don't know my own home town too well because I never knew it was there!

Question: Is there any special Christmas gift your hoping to get under your tree this year, and what is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Mine is the hot cocoa, family gatherings and the food that others and I make!

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