Tuesday, May 31, 2011

That shitty filler post until the good stuff...

..because my computer is about to die on me and has most of my material on it for future promised posts and our wifi is out. Awesome. But there are in fact happy things to report, I got a crucial shot needed for dorm living and my birthday is in a week. I'm also probably the only girl that you know of that is actually happy about getting a shot and having the information sent to school. But school = my freedom!

P.S Hi new followers!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've got some big plans..but they have to wait for a bit to come to fruition.

I'm back, kinda, and I have loads of ideas to share and write about for you guys. I'm excited to share them but it's going to have to wait until next week I think. This weekend is the one year anniversary of my dad's passing so I'm going to use this long weekend to reflect on the good times with him and my brother and everyone else that was around for his last weeks. So bear with me guys! I love you all more then you know (you know in a non creepy way).

So here's a list of things for you to look forward to...

  • A picture tour of Kansas City in two parts, art, architecture, and general randomness. 
  • A memorial post about my dad (maybe) I don't know about this one yet. 
  • A collection of my favorite posts by some of my favorite bloggers. I may make this a reoccuring thing too. So ya know, no pressure guys :P
  • Why Girls Are Weird book review. I'm 40 pages in and I already love it and wish that I had wrote it myself. 

See everyone soon! Have a great weekend. 


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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Am I suddenly covered in honey or is it vulnerability?

So this weekend has been a fun one, The Rapture didn't happen according to Harold Camping's "prediction" and    
I am apparently covered in honey because ever since last night when I invited a good friend of mine to hang out and watch movies (and we ended up cuddling and flirting, it was fun) it's been like every other guy around me can smell him or something.

What the eff is going on??

I've heard that women have the ability to sense if another woman has been with their man because of the wonder of pheraomones but do guys have the same ability? It sure seems that way, at least it did today. Earlier at work a regular that hasn't been in lately or at least not when I was working came through and he asked me to add him on Facebook, not sure if that will be happening. I have been blatantly hit on by a coworker/friend and he has a girlfriend so that's sufficiently awkward at best sometimes. Also a classmate from high school sent me a random message on Facebook asking me if I was seeing anyone  these days and if I wanted to hang out...I 'm taking him up on his offer though because we may be going to an art museum that I haven't been to in awhile and to go for coffee, harmless right? Let's hope so.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dream Jobs

Today I was going to go apply for second jobs, instead my mom has had me vacuuming up a mother effing storm! Mind you we live in a two bedroom apartment, but I'm also not a big cleaner so naturally I had to redo a little bit of it. But that's okay because as much as I may dislike some cleaning it's also my meditation.  So instead of going to throw a handful of applications out into the world today I'm going to write instead. :D

So instead of the jobs that I may be applying to now, I'm going to write about my dream jobs that may hopefully be a real job (for me) one day. 

Media Recommender- Books, music, movies the recommender should get paid to read new books, listen to new music and see new movies before the public gets to see them and then use some massive form of media to share their reviews. Yeah, that's a dream job if I've ever heard of one though I'm sure somewhere in this world there are actually people that do this job and get paid some major bank to be sloths. Then again they could also be some major hoarders to with everything that they get. 

Now for a more realistic one that I would jump on the chance to have...a Documentarian- I'm curious/nosey by nature so this would be perfect for me. I am a sucker for MTV's show True Life it's one of their best shows I think, because it actually shows real...unscripted....life and glimpses into peoples lives that aren't seen by everyone every day. 

There is also a journalist but I'm not sure if I could do that, I'm brave but not quite as brave as Christian Amapour or Anderson Cooper. 

What are your dream job/s? Are you doing it now?


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Maslow would be so disappointed right now

So for the past two days at work I have been only half way there, mind, body and spirit. Ever since I have found out my news about school I haven't been my usual "on top of things" self at work.  It's like I haven't even left yet yet I feel like I'm about to leave or something. I thankfully didn't mess up anything too serious at work, just had to deal with some cranky customers and made a lame excuse of "being too tired" and apologizing profusely. I think only half of them bought it.

But I didn't come here to write about work today, I came to talk about my still unmet needs for a distraction, at least one that will last for the next three months. So I think that my options are as follows:

  • Look for a second job, since my first one pays my bills, the second will go to my savings account so that I can have some money saved up for school until I can find a job up there. 

  • Have a Sarah Dessen novelesque summer whirl wind romance and then end it when we go to school in the fall?? But the way my dating life is going right now I don't see that happening unless the guy I almost met at a deli a couple of weeks ago happens to cross my path again (but that story is for another time).

Those seem to be my only options that I can think of besides hanging out with friends and family and getting school stuff taken care of.

I think I'm only having Basic Needs met (sadface) so far.

This is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, one of my favorite things to learn about in high school psychology.

They say time flies when you're having fun, I think time flies if you throw a clock out of a window. Guess I should go look for some fun.


So what are you doing this summer?? Are you excited?

Friday, May 13, 2011

I think you should read this.

So after a month of freaking the fuck out and my stress levels being as high as the Burj Kahlifa in Dubai I finally got an answer last night. My mom checked the mail (finally, it only took her two weeks) and boy was there a bunch of stuff for me!!

these are my nails, or lack there of. Stress has wreaked havoc on me for awhile now and this is the outcome. Gum doesn't help and you can only eat so much chocolate and ice cream. 

Aside from a few close friends, you guys have the pleasure of getting the first mass announcement! Tonight, I tell work and Facebook. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An update! Because I'm not dying!

So the Minute Clinic is amazing, I got right in and my symptoms have been summed up to something that I have never had before.

*drum roll please*

Allergies! I have never had them before and I don't like them, nuh uh not one bit.

So on that note I'm going to take some pills and go to sleep so that maybe I can actually go to work today.


P.S This video makes me smile, <3 it

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

*cough cough* "I think I'm sick", Boo you whore!

So I've been feeling rather sickly for oh I don't know since last Friday and now it's Tuesday and tonight when I clocked into work I Google'd my symptoms and got to go home early because I looked and felt like the Walking Dead,  and I think that I may have pneumonia. Don't worry guys I'm calling my doctor tomorrow to see if I can get in sooner than my next scheduled appointment, which happens to be my birthday next month. Yeah buddy!

So I just thought I'd update everyone on what's new..I'm gonna go watch a Criminal Minds marathon and OD on Soup at Hand. I'm a tomato soup girl myself.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Plan B & Mother's Day

Last night while laying in bed trying to get my thoughts to slow and my self to sleep something hit me, we'll just call it one of life's brick walls. We all know how fun those can be. Well this one flat out sucked, and still being awake at 3 am really didn't help much either.

My old name for my blog was called The Clean Slate for those that weren't around during that time, I chronicled a year of major up's and down's in my life from everything from being diagnosed with cancer and being told I was in remission 6 months later, to my dad's diagnoses of cancer to the night he passed. I also kept more of the private things during that years and years past in physical journals and notebooks. So being a collector of nostalgia and sentiments I have compiled a fair amount of journals in my day and every time I can sense a new chapter of my life to end I buy a new journal and start the whole process all over again. So I'm doing that now, no I'm not starting a new blog for the next "chapter" but I am going to try and figure something out to bring in the new.

So I'm not sure if I'm going to be getting into the school that I've applied to due to lack of taking an ACT test and  all the other things that are required for going to a uni. I'm not sure yet though, my hope and momentum for this dream isn't one that's easily swayed. Though last night my realization also came equipped with a plan just in case things don't go the way I'm hoping.  A few posts ago I said that my mom had her own sort of idea for me to go back to school, work AND still live with her even though it's not exactly what I want to do, but the gods must have been listening because that's what I may have to do and I really, really don't want to.

All of the momentum  that I've had over the past few weeks feels like it has just flung me into a brick wall full of nails. Sadly tonight my attempts to make my mom's Mother's Day great was a bust. I gave her a candle that smells amazing and the new Stevie Nicks cd, she blatantly told me that she didn't really like the cd that I drove all over town to find for her and the candle that I got her despite it's amazing smell didn't really get much of a reaction, just because it didn't have a fucking wood wick!! Than some other shit happened but I'll save that..I vented enough already. It's time for me to start the new Sarah Dessen book that I got tonight at Walmart during another Bored Browsing spree.

Happy Mother's Day all!


Friday, May 6, 2011


That's it, my Miss Independent thing is getting a little stale. Work used to be a place for me to get human interaction and to feel accepted a little. But due to recent events it is slowly  just becoming just a source of income that I sometimes loathe going to and giving up my weekends for. I'm not exactly complaining here let's just get that straight here and now. My fellow employees are like a little second or third family to me. But sometime's a girl (especially a picky single girl) needs a shake up to a mundane routine.

I feel like I need a distraction from my life, something tangible and physical. I want to rest my head on a warm shoulder, feel the weight of another's hand clasped in mine, ya know among other things. I'm not sure if this is vulnerability or what but it is not desperation. Even though sadly the last person of the opposite sex to touch me was my dentist,....and the lame levels rise.

If you can't tell already, I'm a walking contradiction and I know this. this post is a great example of this admission too. I want what my friend's have, great boyfriends that treat them great and think that the sun rises and falls over their ass, or something like that. I want someone to go to lame movies with just so I can have an excuse to make out with them (not that there ever really needs to be an excuse to make out with someone that you like but it sure doesn't hurt. I sure as hell wouldn't mind having someone to  join me for a meal every now and then, hell I'll even pay for my own meal just eat with me and let's enjoy each other's company! Geez I'm gonna be a cat lady before I'm even 22 and I don't even own any cat's!

Patience sure is a bitch of a thing to do sometimes.

  but dammit I'm lonely!

source:Google Images

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm in a weird mood today, and Barbies!

I miss the days of my youth.... things seemed so much easier than. No stupid boy troubles, no bills to pay and I could curl up with my dad in his worn over sized recliner and read some Dr. Seuss.

I miss the days when my best friend's and I would create elaborate story lines (Stephanie Meyer can suck it) and our Barbie's would live in awesome houses made of things found around the house and some of the actual house pieces that I had. Those Barbie's sure had great lives.

Then shit got real and life happened and I grew up fast. I'm not complaining but I miss those days, hell I still go play in parks any chance I get just because I can and it's a great reminder of innocence and youth. I was walking around Target today (because that's what you do when you get there and they don't have what you're looking for) and I wandered into the toy aisle which is  basically a fourth of the back of the store and got lost in the cotton candy pink aisles and just let my mind relax and let some of the stress I'm currently under melt away and surprisingly looking at Barbie's and how much they have changed throughout the years helped a lot.

 I think they're back together?

and finally, our society in Barbie form!

I don't really know what the gist of this post was, I'm in a weird mood today, and it needs to end soon.

I hope you all have a good day/night! 


Regular programming will continue soon, hopefully. 


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's 5 o'clock somewhere

IIt's 8 minutes into Cinco de Mayo and I would already like to start drinking (it's 5 o' clock somewhere dammit),  and the last two nights at work have been just like being in high school again. My high school experience was mundane at best, but since I'm not a fan of drama in the first place I'm super excited to not be going to work tomorrow.

I checked a very important website (the school I applied for) and I saw some good things, just short of missing a last check mark and an acceptance letter I'm feeling pretty damn good about this. I'm certainly not letting any negative people knock me down either, no matter how hard they may try and if they do knock me down they will not keep me down for long, that's just not happening. Nope. Not at all. Okay I'm done sounding cocky because that's not me at all.

Hmmm.... any new events coming up?  Oh! I have another dentist appointment on Monday, yay more numbing and not being able to feel my face, this time the right side!!! Mother's Day is this weekend, my brother's and I are cooking my mom breakfast and bringing it to her in bed, I'm getting her fresh flowers and the new Stevie Nick's album, I considered tickets for her concert in a few months but I'm poor so I'm settling for the next best thing. Then my brother's and my mom are going to an amusement park for the day while I go to work. I'm jealous.

So what's new with you guys and gals?


Trying something new I think.

Movies I want to see this month:
Something Borrowed
and a lot more!


Any movie recommendations?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This is going to be a long month..

                                                    this month..I feel like the dog.

I have so much things going on this month, it's beyond ridiculous and a good portion of it is going to be waiting on an acceptance letter or a latter. I'm praying for the first one though...

  • Mother's Day is right around the corner, I don't know what to get my mom and I get to work that day, sigh.
  • My car needs to get fixed, ASAP.
  • One of my brother's graduates 8th grade this month! Holy shit time flies!
  • My step mom (who passed a few years back) would be celebrating her 59th (I think) birthday this month. 
  • One year ago this month my dad passed away from throat, liver and bone cancer. 
  • and waiting for an answer..
So yeah, that's that..I guess this is your warning that there may or may not be lots of posts this month to release stress,anxiety and whatnot.

Also, hello new readers! I adore you.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Music: the great communicator

I believe that if you think positively and act positively then the universe will bring you great things, that isn't too crazy right? I also believe that if you surround yourself with positive people and all together positive energy then things will happen for you. So I'm doing just that. I'm using music and even telling strangers my plans because sometimes strangers will leave a piece of themselves behind and will add to the burning optimism that I have in my heart. Though this month is going to be a  long and emotional month I'm going to keep myself optimistic and cheerful through everything.

I've compiled a playlist of some songs that have been keeping my spirits high and my worries low. Enjoy!

By the way the playlist is bottom left if you  haven't noticed yet. It's about as different and eclectic as me!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why can't you just let me have this!?

Know what sucks?  When a person that is supposed to support you in everything that you do (whether it ends up not working out or not) doesn't support you and more or less just does everything that they can to hold you down, especially when you are doing everything in your power to get out and carve your own path.

That's kinda what I'm going through right now.

The other day my mom was talking to me about my recent decisions: to apply to Uni and start the next chapter in my life. She instead wants me to go to the old community college that I tried before and only made it a semester because living with my family, going through all the drama that was going on at that time was causing my grades and concentration to slip horribly. That along with other circumstances beyond my control. She also wants me to move into a house that she may be moving into soon and as nice as that would be I don't want to, I need my freedom and for her to let me go a little bit.  She's also worried that I'll get there, graduate and find a job that only pays $8 an hour and will eventually default on my loans. I won't let that happen. I'm smarter than she thinks. I know she's scared, because I am too but it's a good kind of scared. She's also worried about me finding a job when I move. I get where she's coming from, if  I move then I have to quit my job, I will be in slightly unfamiliar territory, I'll be experiencing a lot of new things that I have always wanted to but haven't yet had the chance to. But I'll be fine. Her and my dad raised me quite well.

I realize that my mom brings up valid points but I'm already more than halfway through the process and if they say yes then I'm going. I want to make her and my Dad proud but it's hard to make her proud when she won't even let me go due to her own fears.

Sorry, I had to get that out. I pray that tomorrow goes well for me! I need it to like a fish needs water.