Sunday, May 15, 2011

Maslow would be so disappointed right now

So for the past two days at work I have been only half way there, mind, body and spirit. Ever since I have found out my news about school I haven't been my usual "on top of things" self at work.  It's like I haven't even left yet yet I feel like I'm about to leave or something. I thankfully didn't mess up anything too serious at work, just had to deal with some cranky customers and made a lame excuse of "being too tired" and apologizing profusely. I think only half of them bought it.

But I didn't come here to write about work today, I came to talk about my still unmet needs for a distraction, at least one that will last for the next three months. So I think that my options are as follows:

  • Look for a second job, since my first one pays my bills, the second will go to my savings account so that I can have some money saved up for school until I can find a job up there. 

  • Have a Sarah Dessen novelesque summer whirl wind romance and then end it when we go to school in the fall?? But the way my dating life is going right now I don't see that happening unless the guy I almost met at a deli a couple of weeks ago happens to cross my path again (but that story is for another time).

Those seem to be my only options that I can think of besides hanging out with friends and family and getting school stuff taken care of.

I think I'm only having Basic Needs met (sadface) so far.

This is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, one of my favorite things to learn about in high school psychology.

They say time flies when you're having fun, I think time flies if you throw a clock out of a window. Guess I should go look for some fun.


So what are you doing this summer?? Are you excited?


  1. I used to like Maslows theory but then we started studying it every year, in each sem and then I got bored of it. Trust education to ruin everything for me!
    Don't worry, you'll find a job soon :) and lol at the summer whirl wind romance. All I have to say is keep your eyes wide open :D

  2. Haha V you're awesome, I only learned it for one semester so I didn't get sick of it, and damn right I'll keep my eyes wide open! :)

  3. i read one sarah dessen and loved it, then another and hated it. mehh.
    and i hate customers. so, so much. they suck, the lot of them! :p

  4. Hmm, the Maslow's thing is very interesting-I haven't taken psychology yet (next year) but it seems like a cool concept.
    Aw, I completely understand the Sarah Dessen summer romance thing-that would be so great. You never know though, the best summer romances are the ones that happen out of nowhere!
    I'm a new followers, but I'm loving your blog so far! :D


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