Monday, May 16, 2011

Dream Jobs

Today I was going to go apply for second jobs, instead my mom has had me vacuuming up a mother effing storm! Mind you we live in a two bedroom apartment, but I'm also not a big cleaner so naturally I had to redo a little bit of it. But that's okay because as much as I may dislike some cleaning it's also my meditation.  So instead of going to throw a handful of applications out into the world today I'm going to write instead. :D

So instead of the jobs that I may be applying to now, I'm going to write about my dream jobs that may hopefully be a real job (for me) one day. 

Media Recommender- Books, music, movies the recommender should get paid to read new books, listen to new music and see new movies before the public gets to see them and then use some massive form of media to share their reviews. Yeah, that's a dream job if I've ever heard of one though I'm sure somewhere in this world there are actually people that do this job and get paid some major bank to be sloths. Then again they could also be some major hoarders to with everything that they get. 

Now for a more realistic one that I would jump on the chance to have...a Documentarian- I'm curious/nosey by nature so this would be perfect for me. I am a sucker for MTV's show True Life it's one of their best shows I think, because it actually shows and glimpses into peoples lives that aren't seen by everyone every day. 

There is also a journalist but I'm not sure if I could do that, I'm brave but not quite as brave as Christian Amapour or Anderson Cooper. 

What are your dream job/s? Are you doing it now?



  1. my dream job is so unreasonable and impossible: a professional ballet dancer BUT a close second would be a novelist, though i haven't got any good ideas for novels...i think i would really like to be a magazine writer, though. or get paid to blog. that could be cool. :)

  2. I think there are some critics that do that, like they review stuff before it comes out. I think it's usually for a newspaper.
    My dream job is to actually be a journalist like Christian Amanpour or Anderson Cooper. It's really the only thing I can imagine myself doing.

  3. I would do it for a newspaper or magazine if I could, hell if I could do it now I wouldn't miss that chance!

  4. i want to be a photographer. preferably fashion for a magazine like rolling stone or something musical. but i doubt that will happen, so i guess it shall be weddings for me.

  5. Victoria with your skills you could totally do it!

  6. Ohh.. even I would love to review books if I get paid! :)
    And another on my list is.. a travel journalist.. they get to visit the best places in the world, stay at the best hotels, eat the best food and then get paid for it.. what more could one ask for!

  7. I am so scattered so I have to do something fascinating (to me) to keep my attention. That, for me, would be as a research psychologist. That, or something in outreach, missions, or somewhere caring for people.


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