Monday, August 13, 2012


Trying to keep my strength and wits about me as this school year starts to happen.
Today has been a bit of a stressor, and I don't like it like this. Tears are going to come at any time. All that hard work that I had built of this summer of being a strong and independent person just doesn't seem to be enough right now.

End for now.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The countdown begins..again!

It's finally August, which means several things for me and so far they seem to be equal amounts of good and bad. Which sucks, because it's still officially summer, I still have some time to have some fun before I have to go back to school. But that doesn't seem to be the case for me this summer, wanna know why? I'm too busy being an adult and trying to figure everything out.

In a nutshell and in no particular order, here's some of the things that are currently raising my blood pressure:

  • This weekend my ex and his new girlfriend move back to campus to begin RA training. I intend to be nice to them when it's necessary, but I also intend to make  as little contact with either of them.
  • My car still isn't in my possession yet. I picked it out almost two weeks ago and my uncle who is working very hard to get everything for it to be officially mine is working himself to the ground and I appreciate it, but not driving for almost half a year is tough on a girl. 
  • My roommate and I are waiting to hear back about jobs on campus that we were the first to apply to and we haven't heard anything yet and we're starting to get very worrisome. 
  • Plus, I haven't received any information about my financial aid awards for the year yet, and I kind of need these. Like as much as I need the job that I'm freaking out about. 
  • Also, I currently kind of like two guys at the same time. But I'm also worried that liking them may mess up my goal of being an independent this year. 

So, yeah...welcome to August everyone! Future college students, if you're anything like me apparently the beginning of your sophomore year is going to be bittersweet. The first part of the month sadly more bitter than sweet. 

and...............I'm done. For now. 


Friday, July 20, 2012

Watching the sun set.

Some times I’m glad that I don’t have a TV in my house. Today was especially one of those days. If I had gotten up this morning and turned the TV to CNN while getting ready for work today than I can 100% guarantee you that I would have called in sick to work, because I would be paralyzed and stuck to my bed or some where around it. 
“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”—
Mahatma Gandhi
I came across this quote earlier today when I got off work and pretty much tortured myself with the articles on CNN and other news sites, as I’m sure many other Americans have today. And you know what? Gandhi was a wise, old man and his quotes aren’t posted on the Internet and scribbled in people’s quote journal’s, and etched into the men and women that have actually had the pleasure of meeting him’s hearts and brain’s for nothing. 
Yes, James Holmes is a terrible man, and did a terrible thing to innocent people for his own selfish and unknown reasons, but we must not forget these very simple words that a very sweet old man said one day to comfort the world and those around him when a tragedy struck. 
My thoughts strength, prayers, and infinite love goes out to the family members of the deceased and to the ones that are in hospitals right now fighting for their lives, which is something that I am all too familiar with. Tonight I felt that it was necessary to reflect on everything, and even though my summer has kind of sucked, I’m grateful that I’m here to actually get through it. I literally just watched the sunset over my school and the pond on it’s property, from my kitchen (because it has the perfect view) and I just ate my dinner and watched as the sun sank below the trees and buildings and away from me for another day, only to return tomorrow. 
Go hug you someone you love and make sure they know that you love them too. Life is short and can end mid-sentence. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Other Hand/Little Bee by Chris Cleave

On my list of books to read this summer was Little Bee by Chris Cleave, because the first time I came across it in a Target about a year or two back I knew that I wanted to read it. So this summer when I found a used copy at Hasting's I bought it without giving it a second thought.

The Other Hand, also known as Little Bee, is a 2008 novel by British author Chris Cleave. It is a dual narrative story about a Nigerianasylum-seeker and a British magazine editor, who meet during the oil conflict in the Niger Delta, and are re-united in England several years later. Cleave, inspired as a university student by his temporary employment in an asylum detention centre, wrote the book in an attempt to humanise the plight of asylum-seekers in Britain. The novel examines the treatment of refugees by the asylum system, as well as issues of British colonialismglobalization, political violence and personal accountability. (source: Wikipedia)

This book will immediately draw you in and leave you on the edge of your seat as the character's, Little Bee and Sarah, recall their memories and navigate the reader through their present struggles. I was a puddle for a good portion of this book and I'm okay with that. Because if there's one indication of a a writer's capability to keep a reader's attention, it's turning them into a massive blubbering mess. Cleave's writing is amazingly fluid and simultaneously addicting and his character's only become a part of you, right down to little Charlie who refuses to  take off his Batman costume. The innocence of Charlie is a sweet reminder that even though there is a myriad of bad things that happen in the world that there is still some good and hope for humanity out there, even if the murkiness of one's life is blinding. 

I highly recommend this book, though if you're already kind of depressed then you should prepare yourself with a box of tissues and maybe some chocolates because your heart will be ripped out, stomped on and then slowly put back together again. 

5/5 typewriters


Sunday, July 8, 2012

High Fidelity

Ladies and gents, this is the beginning of a series. A series in which I review ALL of the books that I've read this summer..this is just the beginning. It's Kind of a Funny Story will not be listed in this series though, since I reviewed it the day I finished it.

I've been on a British author's kick for a few weeks this summer, I've read A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby and Little Bee by Chris Cleave (which I intend to review very soon as well) and I've just started Atonement by Ian McEwan so the UK kick is starting to become a bit out of hand. But I'm perfectly okay with it, especially if I go to London next Spring Break with a theatre group from my school. But I digress, onward with the reviewing!

Rob Fleming is a London record store owner in his mid-thirties whose girlfriend, Laura, has just left him. At the record shop — named Championship Vinyl — Rob and his employees Dick and Barry spend their free moments discussing mix-tape aesthetics and constructing"top-five" lists of anything that demonstrates their knowledge of music.
Rob, recalling his five most memorable breakups, sets about getting in touch with the former girlfriends. Eventually, Rob's re-examination of his failed relationships and the death of Laura's father bring the two back together. Their relationship is cemented by the launch of a new purposefulness to Rob's life in the revival of his disc jockey career.
Also, realizing that his fear of commitment (a result of his fear of death of those around him) and his tendency to act on emotion are responsible for his continuing desires to pursue new women, Rob makes a symbolic commitment to Laura.
At first when I started to get into the book I started feeling like I was reading the pages of a boyfriend's personal journal,  I mean the back cover even says, "Keep this book away from your girlfriend-it contains too many of your secrets to let it fall into the wrong hands."- Details magazine and that was just like bait to me. Of course a single girl would want to read a book from the perspective of a guy that has similar interests and whatnot. It just makes sense, and my sanity doesn't need to be questioned right now. 
I thought that the character development of the book was great, everyone was introduced in Rob's life in such a way that it felt like you, the reader, was just one of his friend's that he was telling the story too. The dialogue in the book was very true to life. I don't think that I've ever read an author that has swore as much Nick Hornby does, but I totally loved it because it made the story become more real and everything that Rob and Laura went through became that much more believable. 
I recently quoted a line from the movie that was changed from what it was actually wrote as in the book, ‎"Books, records, films--These things matter. Call me shallow. It's the fucking truth." -High Fidelity, and my mom called me a potty in response I just told her to call Mr. Hornby that since he wrote the words and I was just quoting them for their relevance. You had to be there...

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book, whether your a guy or girl. Because you will learn something from it no matter your gender or what state your love life is currently in. 
4/5 typewriters!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yet another pros and cons list of singledom

Little Miss Independent has been kicked out of the writers seat for the night. A mini internal breakdown is currently going on and my rationality is out of order.


  • marathoning your favorite TV shows on DVD in your underwear is permitted every weekend. 
  • you can put on makeup whenever you want, and it's just for you
  • sweats
  • no one to pester you about the books you're reading 
  • you can sleep in whatever position you want in bed every night without having to worry about pulling blankets off of another person and all of the pillows are yours. 
  • You get to know yourself more. 
  • You get to shamelessly stare and flirt with other guys without feeling guilty about it. 
  • No one to judge you for eating a whole pint of ice cream in front of sappy movies when you've had a bad day. 


  • On those really shitty days where you just want to lay in bed and cry there's no one to put their arm around you and whisper to you that things will be okay. 
  • Every other one of your friend's on your Facebook feed is getting engaged, pregnant or married and your just there. 
  • Pillows are sucky cuddle-rs after a while. 
  • When you finish a book or some other big accomplishment that you want to gush about and your friends pr family aren't close you have no one to tell them to.  

  • no one to to help you with your car if you're not mechanically inclined. 
  • You have no one to stop you when you accidentally click on your ex's new girlfriend and see that she's mutual friend's with half of yours and your ex's sweetheart of a little sister and you break your own heart after keeping it held together for so long. 
  • No one to share books and movies nights with. 
Yeah, so clearly the last 3 or 4 months haven't really been the best for me. But they also haven't been the worst.  I'm not complaining because life is   just a series of trials and tribulations, especially dating. But tonight I was feeling especially lonely, so there ya go internet. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Two years tomorrow

Rest in Peace, Dad I miss you and I wish you were still here to see me and Lucas growing into the amazing adults that you raised us with the intention of being. It's hard with out you here some times, but we're hanging in there as best as we know how.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Whatever happened to Miss Independent?

First off let me preface this by saying that this post is not in any way shape or form an ode or homage to the ridiculously catchy song by Kelly Clarkson, it's more of my personal pep talk to myself and possibly other young women that let themselves relinquish their God given rights as women to be blinded by the opposite sex.

Note: Any "man bashing" in this is 100% unintentional, and I'm sorry in advance if I offend anyone.

When I came back to college I came to focus solely on my education and my future, in a past post I even referred to my education as "my boyfriend". But since life never works the way we want it to for a good portion of the time, I came to school and got adjusted and before I knew it I was miraculously turned into a giddy, naive 18 year old fresh from high school again and I fell into a relationship head first before school even started. We lasted seven blissful months, and I don't regret any of them either. The only thing about the whole relationship that I do wish that I could have done over would have been to not dote so much, I ended up losing myself in his life instead of focusing on me and getting my shit in order.

My Mom is and will always be one of my heroes, and the simple reason for that is because ever since she and my step-dad divorced nearly 4 years ago she has always done things for my brothers and I without the help of any men and it has shown me that I too shouldn't rely on a man for anything that I can't do myself.

So on that note I vow here and now to let this coming year not be a repeat of last fall. While it was nice and fun and all of that, it was not what I should have been focusing my energy on it. While this manifesto of sorts seems like quite a feat because it almost sounds like I've given up men completely and possibly even switched teams, but it's nothing like that. A girl just needs a break every now and then. Though I did do something the other day that was completely out of my character; I gave my number to a random cute guy at the grocery store the other night while shopping with a friend. It was fun and I felt like I crossed something off of my Bucket List as well as challenged myself and even though he hasn't called because he probably thinks that I'm 18, that's okay. It still felt pretty damn awesome at the time and I'm happy with that.

Right now I think I'm okay with just random dating, but I'm going to be a Summer Finn and go with the flow of life and figure out my own life first.

What's your favorite thing about being single? in a relationship?


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Kind of a Funny Story. Indeed.

I literally just closed the book and I am bubbling over with excitement at how great it was. 
At some points I felt like I was being dragged through the mud when Craig felt like he was in the lowest points of his life and I felt like I was on the highest point of a roller-coaster when he experienced his high’s. 
I found that I could relate so well to Craig in so many different ways, especially with his social anxiety on top of the depression, I just never had wanted to take things as far as considering suicide. 
Ned Vizzini, thank you. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last night....

..was amazing. I'm going to keep a secret to/for myself for once because I deserve that much. The 5 other people and myself created a mini world in the space of 8 hours and it was amazing, even during the lull's.

Just to clarify, no I was not involved in an orgy or anything of that nature.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Crossing one finish line just in time to start another race.

My first full year as a college student comes to a bitter sweet end in a week and a half. I'm at a total loss for words  as for how to describe my love and appreciation for my new friend's that I've met here. They really have become like a second family. I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on projects online and on campus that are conducive to my major.  Last month (April) my RHD and several other people in my residence hall decided to do another production of The Vagina Monologues, and since I've never seen the show and my curiosity, got the best of me. So I signed up to help with the publicity and advertising for the event, and holy crap on a stick! not only was the show phenomenal, but the real stories and the women of my school that were performing them were beyond amazing.
This year I've also taken bold and enlightening class choices in a major effort to better my writing skills and all that effort will be paying off next year when I'll be the assistant editor for my school's yearbook!! So not only will my writing be featured and published in an award winning yearbook next year for this year's book, but I also get as many copies of the book as I want. I intend on grabbing at least a handful and marking all of my stories and sending them to several family members to show them my progress thus far in school. Another plus to being an editor next semester is that I get to go to Chicago with the rest of the editor's, which is going to be awesome because  I've never been on an airplane before and I've never traveled any farther than Iowa and Nebraska. My name is Nicole and I'm a traveling n00b!

Now that it's nearly finals week and things around school are becoming even more hectic and deadlines are rearing their ugly heads I'm ready for the summer and next semester's round of classes to come along. During the summer  I am going to hopefully be working on campus and when I'm not working I plan to read, write, do yoga and make some money. I really need to get me back in order. This semester has helped and hurt it, but I'll be okay. Things usually turn out better for those with faith in something than those that don't anyways.

How has your year gone? How are you hoping your summer goes?


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Socialpunk: Author Interview

Socialpunk author Monica Leonelle answers some highly anticipated questions regarding her new book series Socialpunk and why you and all of your friends should read it. 


Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book. 

Socialpunk is fun and face-paced and has a strong female lead but is also a quick read, so you can enjoy it in one or two sittings if you'd like.

What motivated you to start writing?

I started a Gen Y blog in 2007 called Twenty Set. It actually gained quite a bit of steam early on, but eventually I moved away from Gen Y topics. The reason I started that blog, though, is because I couldn't clear my mind! I literally just needed to get things out of my system. So I wrote that blog 4-5 times a week for about six months until my ideas stop churning so quickly. My love for writing as an adult grew out of that experience.

Who is your favorite character in Socialpunk?

I would say Ima, because she changes so much throughout the book. Nahum is based on a guy I had a crush on in 4th grade (right down to the name, even). Nasser is also exciting because he's got such big ideas and he's so damn reckless. He's willing to completely derail his entire hash just to pursue a dream. I'm a bit like him at times, to be honest.

Who are your favorite author's of all time?

All time? CS Lewis. I also love contemporaries like JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, and Cassandra Clare.

What is one book everyone should read?

When I was a kid I loved this book called The Girl With the Silver Eyes. Here is the exact cover of the book I had: It's one of my absolute favorite YA novels, and, surprise! Maggie Stiefvater loves that book too. This was the first novel that made me want to write fantasy and science fiction.

Thank you for the interview!

Monday, April 2, 2012


The other day I was approached through an email ( I never thought anyone would actually use my link) about doing a Blog Tour for a fellow blogger/writer named Monica Leonelle and I excitedly agreed to work with her on the opportunity.This is my first of two blog posts about her first of three books, the first of which is called Socialpunk. Enjoy!

After playing God for six years with the world he created, he couldn’t control any of his subjects, none at all. Over the years, he had watched them evolve and become the sum of their own choices rather than the sum of his; and for that, he regretted ever giving them life.
A small, blinking red light from just inside his eyelid reminded him of the news they sent him earlier that morning. The company had cancelled his funding and would shut down his project within three months. According to them, the project cost too much and took up too much space, and the inconclusive results couldn’t be published reputably, now or in the future.
Six years of his work, tens of thousands of lives at stake—and he could do nothing to save any of it. He bowed his head, letting his chin rest on the rim of his breakfast smoothie. The smoothie reeked of powder—crushed pills—but he supposed he had better get used to it. He wouldn’t be able to afford the luxury of real food after they canned him.
He closed his eyes and called up the camera view of one of his favorites, number 3281. She fascinated him; he couldn’t deny it. When he had designed her, her pre-teen rebelliousness lit fire in her eyes. A survivor, he’d thought. He’d meant for her to have it all—to grow up, to get married to the love of her life, and to have a beautiful family of her own someday.
But he had only given her sadness so far. Instead of creating a strict father, he had given her an abusive one. Instead of creating a loving boyfriend, he had given her a friend who could never love her. And instead of creating a strong, proud mother, he had given her a meek one, who watched the whole thing unfold and did nothing about it.
He looked at his last and final creation sitting in the chair across from him—his own son, not awakened yet. The law forbade him to have any children of his own, so this boy would substitute.
But he had done the unthinkable with this creation—he had bestowed on it his own thoughts, emotions, and decision-making processes. He’d given the boy his own mind, his own physical characteristics, his own wants and desires.
He had never done so with any of the others because of the dangers of investing too heavily in any one of his subjects. But who could he kid? He had not stayed objective thus far, watching some of his subjects more closely than others, wishing for the happiness of some at the expense of others. He had become an abomination, a monster of his own doing, who had created subjects only to watch them suffer.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Nebraska, Nebraska, I love you."

So far my first actual college Spring Break has been pretty amazing, despite the trouble we had getting here, and it's only day three.  So far my boyfriend, his sister and I have adventured to Red Mango, a cute little frozen yogurt and smoothie joint and to a  sweet factory, called Rocket Fizz, which pretty much contains all of my worldly passions sans books in one quaint building.

Sadly though, our Spring Break did not start off as care free and wonderful as it has been. The boyfriend and I were Nebraska bound and just outside of the town our school is in when my car started to get this weird smell, and since our school's town is full of factories that may have been expelling the putrid smell, it wasn't. We looked out my back window and saw a massive amount of exhaust coming out of my car, so we went to get some oil in it. We were too late, we pulled over to the side of the road and had to make at least 4 calls a piece to find someone to tell us what may be wrong with it and to see if they could come get us. We finally got someone to come get us and to take us back to school for the night and wait for morning to call a tow truck.

The next morning we called a tow truck and finally got my car back on campus, we got out our bags and headed to Nebraska with the bf's dad and sister. I don't want this week to end, but I know that we have to go back to real life, and school, but it's days away so I'm not entirely worried right now. I just hope that my car will be able to be fixed with the little money I do have and that my financial woes will get better over the summer.  Til then I'm just going to enjoy the chirping of the birds, the warmth of the sun on my face and the smell of home cooked meals.

What are you doing for your Spring Break??


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So, I've been dumped.

It seems that a so-called friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, even though I've written about this certain individual before, and with high praise I might add, has deleted me from Facebook.

Yes, it's Facebook and I have a ton of other friend's that are perfect for the replacement of this former friend, but I have an issue with people sometimes. I always want answers as to why they've done what they've done, not just to me, but to others as well and for this person in particular I am chomping at the bit for even a slice of communication. But it seems that my college experience may be "changing me" and their Bible thumping bigot of a fiance does not entirely embrace the world and all of it's glorious changes that are happening every day. As I see it that's their problem, I'll be the one that's educated and I'll be a half of  a power couple making bank (hopefully) and they'll be busy popping out babies left and right like it's going out of style.

I'm sorry but this unfortunate loss of an already lost friend is not really helping my stress levels, it's almost 4 a.m. and I have a class at 9 in the morning tomorrow and I'm blogging about spilled milk essentially. It's the week before Spring fucking Break, why can't I just have a little bit of solitude? Just a dash, a pinch if you will. So in an effort to cool my own jets about this abrupt departure I've taken to posting a poll of sorts on my Facebook wall asking my friend's who is getting educated, who has been educated, and who has a job in a field they enjoy that getting a degree helped them to get. To prove to myself and They Who Shall Not Be Named that in the end things will probably be better for me.

Tonight, I hate Facebook a little bit more.

Tomorrow is another day, just gotta breathe through today I guess.

I've said my peace.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Observations from the outside looking in.

Today, this week has been a long and grueling one. 
My stress levels are about as up and down as my circadian rhythm. 
I’ve changed my major (for the second and hopefully last time).
I really, REALLY despise math. I see no point in it right now and how it will help me in my major, other than basic things. I would love to be done with it now. 
Espresso and chocolate have become two major players in my diet.
 I need more art in my life, including the chance to make it and indulge myself completely in it. I don’t care as long as it’s tangible. 
Freshman year really is the most stressful, I think I’ve gained my “freshman 15” and then some in the past month since the semester has started. 
I want to win the lottery and pay off school and save some for future semesters, and then help my mom out a bit. 
I want to get lost in a beautiful book. 
I need a hug. 
know that things in my life will get better, but these rough days are just the exchange I get for having some pretty awesome days at the beginning of this week. And I’m okay with that. 
Yoga, I should start doing that.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

sweet, simple relief

I've had a better day today. The stress has seems to be mostly slept away and while I'm still haunted by some of the things that I need to actually be worrying about I did the closest thing to cost effective therapy that I could do.

I found my boyfriend, who has also been under a lot of stress lately too, and we just held each other.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sometimes I just want to run off and join the circus.

Someone once told me that it's better to get your thoughts out on paper than to keep them bottled inside and on the verge of spilling over and becoming an even bigger mess than they started out with. So here goes.


Right now there is so much on my mind that I am having trouble comprehending it all. So what's a girl to do?

Why eat chocolate and watch chick flicks of course, and maybe even bond over media and school and general awesomeness to semi-strangers on Twitter..ya know, typical Wednesday afternoon happenings.

  • The pressure of yearbook is starting to get to me; I like the whole premise of the class, but I feel like I threw myself to the starving lions.
  • My work schedule is interesting, while I'm not complaining about the fact that I have a job. It's more like the fact that my class schedule was decided before I got the job so my sleep schedule has been significantly altered so in between classes,homework and interviewing people and attempting social time I feel like I am mildly failing at life. 
  • My anxiety probably needs to be treated soon. 
I'm debating between changing my majors again. I'm currently a Convergent Media and PR major right now, but after a random and all together amazing discussion with one of my English professors I am highly considering changing one of my majors to Technical Communications so that I can thread the two together and make them both work for me in their own fantastic ways.

I have a lot of thinking to do and I'm once again doing what I do best and over-analyzing the hell out of all of these situations even though I know that in the end everything will most likely turn out for the better, at least I'm hoping so anyways.


What are some of  your coping methods when life starts to get a little rough around the edges?

Picture source: Google)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Procastination, work, and more procrastination.

I've been so busy lately that I haven't even had time to post anything, I'm sorry guys. But in my defense I am back in school and have signed myself up for a class that I didn't realize was going to make me be the equivalent of a crazy person. I kind of knew what I had set myself up for when I registered for the yearbook but I also didn't realize that I would be thrown into it. But this is the real world, so I'm sucking it up and procrastinating on actually writing my first story, (it happens).

Tonight I am also starting my first night of work, and thankfully I managed to score a job that essentially allows me to sit on my computer for 3-5 hours at a time and troll the internet  and write, all while occasionally looking up to make sure people are going where they belong and whatnot. So I'm going to be flexing my multitasking muscle and writing and Pinning and working on my people skills, all while getting paid!!

I fully intend to write more slightly eventful posts as the semester goes on, but the semester has just began so the fun is only beginning!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Fault in Our Stars is now mine!

My pre-ordered, signed, first edition of John Green's new book The Fault in Our Stars is officially mine! I'm going to probably torment myself and wait to read this when school starts up, but oh my gosh I'm sooooooo excited! 


Friday, January 6, 2012

One more freakin' week

This winter break shit has gone on for far too long. Yes, last week was an exception, but that's only because my boyfriend came down and we had some fun with my family so it wasn't completely unbearable. Don't get me wrong I've had some good times with friends and even my family during break but I'm ready to go back home, to school.

Though there have been some good things that I have gotten to do while on break that will be helpful for returning to school, I have been a total sloth and didn't get out of my pj's for several days and while I can still do this on campus it was still awesome to do it at home and not have to feel rushed to do anything. Then again I was also accused of messing up my family's sleep schedule because my sleep schedule was still on college student time, so that wasn't so awesome (for them).

During break  I haven't completely stuck to home, a friend and I went to see New Year's Eve before the holiday and well I'm not going to lie, it was cute. Definitely better than the train wreck that was Valentine's Day, the only thing that that movie had going for it was the star studded cast. Then we went to eat and I have never loved the taste of fries as much as I did when I was hanging out with my friend just talking and laughing and people watching. It was definitely what both her and I needed, even though the insanity of the holidays was just starting to begin.


There are several things that I am looking forward to next week, besides going back home (school), my signed copy of "The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green comes out and my copy will come in the mail, then get to go to work with my mom for a couple of days out of the week to get some money for myself and soon after that I'm going to go get one of my friends that I'm driving back up to school with me and is going to spend the night on Thursday, then we're going to head up and begin the new semester!

Besides starting yearbook and other interesting classes and getting my financial aid in order I'm also hoping to get a job on campus or off as soon as possible. It would help soo much!

Are you ready for school to start back up? What have you missed?


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Boyfriend: An Introduction

Dear fellow Scatterbrain admirers,

     This is the boyfriend.  She asked me to write something for her blog a while ago and I promised her I would.  If the metaphorical bubble hasn't already burst, I'm not the perfect boyfriend as I should have posted before now.  That is not to say I don't try because I certainly do.  In fact, I'm in love with her.  Every day, I learn that she is even more wonderful than I thought the day before.  Nicole is both smart and funny.  Cute and sweet.  Goofy and attractive.  Kind and selfless.  Loyal and honest.  She has a beautiful smile that graces my eyes often and she cooks so that my taste buds water and my stomach is contently full.  She is definitely the most complete girl that I have ever dated.  I mean it when I say that I am lucky.  She the kind of woman that entered my life and quickly made me so glad that others left it.  The last four months with her have been truly wonderful.  I would write more but we have to go to lunch and a couple basketball games.  I will write again, and probably soon.  Until then, continue enjoying Nicole's blog and keep her company.

With nothing but honesty,

The Boyfriend