Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Nebraska, Nebraska, I love you."

So far my first actual college Spring Break has been pretty amazing, despite the trouble we had getting here, and it's only day three.  So far my boyfriend, his sister and I have adventured to Red Mango, a cute little frozen yogurt and smoothie joint and to a  sweet factory, called Rocket Fizz, which pretty much contains all of my worldly passions sans books in one quaint building.

Sadly though, our Spring Break did not start off as care free and wonderful as it has been. The boyfriend and I were Nebraska bound and just outside of the town our school is in when my car started to get this weird smell, and since our school's town is full of factories that may have been expelling the putrid smell, it wasn't. We looked out my back window and saw a massive amount of exhaust coming out of my car, so we went to get some oil in it. We were too late, we pulled over to the side of the road and had to make at least 4 calls a piece to find someone to tell us what may be wrong with it and to see if they could come get us. We finally got someone to come get us and to take us back to school for the night and wait for morning to call a tow truck.

The next morning we called a tow truck and finally got my car back on campus, we got out our bags and headed to Nebraska with the bf's dad and sister. I don't want this week to end, but I know that we have to go back to real life, and school, but it's days away so I'm not entirely worried right now. I just hope that my car will be able to be fixed with the little money I do have and that my financial woes will get better over the summer.  Til then I'm just going to enjoy the chirping of the birds, the warmth of the sun on my face and the smell of home cooked meals.

What are you doing for your Spring Break??



  1. Mannnnn that stinks. I'm just doing a bunch of little fun things for my spring break :)

  2. Glad to hear that you're making the most of spring break, in spite of your car troubles. It's all about relaxation and taking a deep, refreshing break. That's what I've been doing with mine. I hope the problem with your car, and your financial woes, are resolved soon!

    1. Thank you Shane, I hope so too. Especially after the news I got earlier today. But I've only shared it with my boyfriend because I don't want to jinx it, but if anything new happens I'll be sure to update.

      Thanks for the love, everyone. I appreciate it.

  3. I recently had lots of car issues as well. Luckily, though, I caught them all before being stranded like you. Sad times.

    And for spring break I am doing lots of work. Like, actual work, because after college, spring break isn't a thing anymore. Haha. Glad you had fun though!

  4. That does suck Woody, but good job for catching them when you did. If I had checked my oil and maybe got it changed before we tried to leave then we may had been fine. But I didn't so it sucks, but it's slowly getting resolved.

    I actually can't wait for work after college, as long as I have a good job that I like I'll be okay!


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