Thursday, February 2, 2012

sweet, simple relief

I've had a better day today. The stress has seems to be mostly slept away and while I'm still haunted by some of the things that I need to actually be worrying about I did the closest thing to cost effective therapy that I could do.

I found my boyfriend, who has also been under a lot of stress lately too, and we just held each other.


  1. Ciao Ciao! Thanks so much for strolling by my blog with the post about Jenny! It was lovely to see your comment :D

    This is the first time visiting your blog and this is such a sweet & sad post. I would have to read more to know more about you, but hope you're having a better day today as well ^_^ *waves from Holland*

  2. I stress out quite frequently. I'm always caught up in to-do lists, and obsessing over productivity. Lately, my girlfriend has taken to grabbing me in a big hug in order to restrain me. I struggle and curse...then I relax and learn to be grateful. I'm glad that you two can find some comfort in each other's arms. This was a really cute post :)


  3. Yeah, it is a great thing to have someone around that can just hug you and be there for you in times of distress. It's definitely a helpful thing for me. I'm glad you found Ramona, she seems to be a sweet girl and I'm glad to see that you are happier. :)

  4. Sometimes we just have to crumple to the ground and accept where we are so we can stand back up again.

    Good luck mama!


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