Thursday, February 16, 2012

Observations from the outside looking in.

Today, this week has been a long and grueling one. 
My stress levels are about as up and down as my circadian rhythm. 
I’ve changed my major (for the second and hopefully last time).
I really, REALLY despise math. I see no point in it right now and how it will help me in my major, other than basic things. I would love to be done with it now. 
Espresso and chocolate have become two major players in my diet.
 I need more art in my life, including the chance to make it and indulge myself completely in it. I don’t care as long as it’s tangible. 
Freshman year really is the most stressful, I think I’ve gained my “freshman 15” and then some in the past month since the semester has started. 
I want to win the lottery and pay off school and save some for future semesters, and then help my mom out a bit. 
I want to get lost in a beautiful book. 
I need a hug. 
know that things in my life will get better, but these rough days are just the exchange I get for having some pretty awesome days at the beginning of this week. And I’m okay with that. 
Yoga, I should start doing that.



  1. I don't know. I have mixed feelings about all of the semesters. My first year went by like nothing because I blew them off, but my last year was pretty easy too (at least on the academic side). It was that middle part that I found most testing. You'll get through it all :) What did you change your major from/to?


  2. That's good to know, my first semester went by pretty fast, but this one hasn't. The classes are all wrong, I feel like I'm struggling even when I get help. I used to be a PR/Convergent Media to PR with an emphasis is Speech Communication. Not a big change, but one big enough for me to not feel like I'm going crazy with academics anymore. Once I get past this semester I think I'll be okay.

  3. It's a bit like a stock market: you get your ups and downs. Some semesters suck, but some are pretty easy. Hopefully, when you register for the fall, you can get a nice balance.

  4. Good lord, Math.

    I've always hated that subject. It never made sense to me and it would routinely make me cry in high school and college. So, yes. To hell with it.

    1. Math is not a good subject for writers, as long as we can balance our checkbooks and add, subtract, multiply and divide we should be given a freebie. It's eating at my credits and getting in the way of more exciting classes, dammit!


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