Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sometimes I just want to run off and join the circus.

Someone once told me that it's better to get your thoughts out on paper than to keep them bottled inside and on the verge of spilling over and becoming an even bigger mess than they started out with. So here goes.


Right now there is so much on my mind that I am having trouble comprehending it all. So what's a girl to do?

Why eat chocolate and watch chick flicks of course, and maybe even bond over media and school and general awesomeness to semi-strangers on Twitter..ya know, typical Wednesday afternoon happenings.

  • The pressure of yearbook is starting to get to me; I like the whole premise of the class, but I feel like I threw myself to the starving lions.
  • My work schedule is interesting, while I'm not complaining about the fact that I have a job. It's more like the fact that my class schedule was decided before I got the job so my sleep schedule has been significantly altered so in between classes,homework and interviewing people and attempting social time I feel like I am mildly failing at life. 
  • My anxiety probably needs to be treated soon. 
I'm debating between changing my majors again. I'm currently a Convergent Media and PR major right now, but after a random and all together amazing discussion with one of my English professors I am highly considering changing one of my majors to Technical Communications so that I can thread the two together and make them both work for me in their own fantastic ways.

I have a lot of thinking to do and I'm once again doing what I do best and over-analyzing the hell out of all of these situations even though I know that in the end everything will most likely turn out for the better, at least I'm hoping so anyways.


What are some of  your coping methods when life starts to get a little rough around the edges?

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  1. Coping methods? A lot of Pinterest, 9Gag, and Phil Collins.

    Just kidding. I do a lot of painting, yoga, and origami.

  2. I prefer to just sit back and go with the flow. Follow my nose, or my heart. It isn't exactly a pro-active method of coping with strenuous situations but works for me. Life is life and sometimes, it will be a bitch.

    If all else fails, chemically mind altering substances usually work a treat.

  3. My coping method is also my main stressor. Procrastination. I wouldn't recommend it.

  4. Spazz, I have been pinning a LOT, and lots of Florence + the Machine and random things like that. Yoga is next on my list too!

    Martin, I'm trying. But I don't think that I will ever turn to ever actually taking pills for my anxiety, my poor finger nails get the brute of that.

    Lex, you are a woman after my own heart.


Thank you for leaving me an assorted thought of your own. :)