Friday, July 20, 2012

Watching the sun set.

Some times I’m glad that I don’t have a TV in my house. Today was especially one of those days. If I had gotten up this morning and turned the TV to CNN while getting ready for work today than I can 100% guarantee you that I would have called in sick to work, because I would be paralyzed and stuck to my bed or some where around it. 
“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”—
Mahatma Gandhi
I came across this quote earlier today when I got off work and pretty much tortured myself with the articles on CNN and other news sites, as I’m sure many other Americans have today. And you know what? Gandhi was a wise, old man and his quotes aren’t posted on the Internet and scribbled in people’s quote journal’s, and etched into the men and women that have actually had the pleasure of meeting him’s hearts and brain’s for nothing. 
Yes, James Holmes is a terrible man, and did a terrible thing to innocent people for his own selfish and unknown reasons, but we must not forget these very simple words that a very sweet old man said one day to comfort the world and those around him when a tragedy struck. 
My thoughts strength, prayers, and infinite love goes out to the family members of the deceased and to the ones that are in hospitals right now fighting for their lives, which is something that I am all too familiar with. Tonight I felt that it was necessary to reflect on everything, and even though my summer has kind of sucked, I’m grateful that I’m here to actually get through it. I literally just watched the sunset over my school and the pond on it’s property, from my kitchen (because it has the perfect view) and I just ate my dinner and watched as the sun sank below the trees and buildings and away from me for another day, only to return tomorrow. 
Go hug you someone you love and make sure they know that you love them too. Life is short and can end mid-sentence. 

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  1. Your last sentence is very poignant and touching. Such a tragedy reminds us that there really are no guarantees for tomorrow, even if we are so smug as to believe otherwise.


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