Monday, April 23, 2012

Crossing one finish line just in time to start another race.

My first full year as a college student comes to a bitter sweet end in a week and a half. I'm at a total loss for words  as for how to describe my love and appreciation for my new friend's that I've met here. They really have become like a second family. I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on projects online and on campus that are conducive to my major.  Last month (April) my RHD and several other people in my residence hall decided to do another production of The Vagina Monologues, and since I've never seen the show and my curiosity, got the best of me. So I signed up to help with the publicity and advertising for the event, and holy crap on a stick! not only was the show phenomenal, but the real stories and the women of my school that were performing them were beyond amazing.
This year I've also taken bold and enlightening class choices in a major effort to better my writing skills and all that effort will be paying off next year when I'll be the assistant editor for my school's yearbook!! So not only will my writing be featured and published in an award winning yearbook next year for this year's book, but I also get as many copies of the book as I want. I intend on grabbing at least a handful and marking all of my stories and sending them to several family members to show them my progress thus far in school. Another plus to being an editor next semester is that I get to go to Chicago with the rest of the editor's, which is going to be awesome because  I've never been on an airplane before and I've never traveled any farther than Iowa and Nebraska. My name is Nicole and I'm a traveling n00b!

Now that it's nearly finals week and things around school are becoming even more hectic and deadlines are rearing their ugly heads I'm ready for the summer and next semester's round of classes to come along. During the summer  I am going to hopefully be working on campus and when I'm not working I plan to read, write, do yoga and make some money. I really need to get me back in order. This semester has helped and hurt it, but I'll be okay. Things usually turn out better for those with faith in something than those that don't anyways.

How has your year gone? How are you hoping your summer goes?



  1. Wow, kudos on your big plans!

    I'm excited about the summer because it'll be my last one until I ship out for college!

    1. Yay! Thank you, I'm really excited for everything, especially since today I got a job on campus for the summer and I get to live on campus for free!

      Where are you going? If you don't want to answer on here it's totally understandable.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your first year! Making it through college as a successful freshman is a huge accomplishment. You have to do some much adjusting, make new friends, and take your education to the next level while figuring out your life. It sure isn't easy, but it's definitely fun!

    I'm like you, I have a lot of plans to relax for the summer. The semester was a very busy and stressful time, so I'm taking time away (which doesn't happen often in grad school) to focus on putting me and my life back in order. I hope we both enjoy a lot of success with those goals!


    1. Thank you Shane, I hope this summer is mildly relaxing for me, I'm working too jobs so my weekends need to stretch themselves out.
      I hope we do enjoy success with our goals too, we deserve it!


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