Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's 5 o'clock somewhere

IIt's 8 minutes into Cinco de Mayo and I would already like to start drinking (it's 5 o' clock somewhere dammit),  and the last two nights at work have been just like being in high school again. My high school experience was mundane at best, but since I'm not a fan of drama in the first place I'm super excited to not be going to work tomorrow.

I checked a very important website (the school I applied for) and I saw some good things, just short of missing a last check mark and an acceptance letter I'm feeling pretty damn good about this. I'm certainly not letting any negative people knock me down either, no matter how hard they may try and if they do knock me down they will not keep me down for long, that's just not happening. Nope. Not at all. Okay I'm done sounding cocky because that's not me at all.

Hmmm.... any new events coming up?  Oh! I have another dentist appointment on Monday, yay more numbing and not being able to feel my face, this time the right side!!! Mother's Day is this weekend, my brother's and I are cooking my mom breakfast and bringing it to her in bed, I'm getting her fresh flowers and the new Stevie Nick's album, I considered tickets for her concert in a few months but I'm poor so I'm settling for the next best thing. Then my brother's and my mom are going to an amusement park for the day while I go to work. I'm jealous.

So what's new with you guys and gals?


Trying something new I think.

Movies I want to see this month:
Something Borrowed
and a lot more!


Any movie recommendations?

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