Friday, May 6, 2011


That's it, my Miss Independent thing is getting a little stale. Work used to be a place for me to get human interaction and to feel accepted a little. But due to recent events it is slowly  just becoming just a source of income that I sometimes loathe going to and giving up my weekends for. I'm not exactly complaining here let's just get that straight here and now. My fellow employees are like a little second or third family to me. But sometime's a girl (especially a picky single girl) needs a shake up to a mundane routine.

I feel like I need a distraction from my life, something tangible and physical. I want to rest my head on a warm shoulder, feel the weight of another's hand clasped in mine, ya know among other things. I'm not sure if this is vulnerability or what but it is not desperation. Even though sadly the last person of the opposite sex to touch me was my dentist,....and the lame levels rise.

If you can't tell already, I'm a walking contradiction and I know this. this post is a great example of this admission too. I want what my friend's have, great boyfriends that treat them great and think that the sun rises and falls over their ass, or something like that. I want someone to go to lame movies with just so I can have an excuse to make out with them (not that there ever really needs to be an excuse to make out with someone that you like but it sure doesn't hurt. I sure as hell wouldn't mind having someone to  join me for a meal every now and then, hell I'll even pay for my own meal just eat with me and let's enjoy each other's company! Geez I'm gonna be a cat lady before I'm even 22 and I don't even own any cat's!

Patience sure is a bitch of a thing to do sometimes.

  but dammit I'm lonely!

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  1. I feel exactly like this! I am not desperate by any definition but I do crave a distraction of that sort. To be loved would feel real nice on certain days. But I just can't seem to find an opportunity!

  2. I'm right there with you Dee, it sucks sometimes too.


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