Thursday, April 28, 2011

"So, how's your love life?"

The other night I was on Facebook just passing time and catching up with some old friends that I haven't talked to in awhile and some newer faces in my life that truthfully I didn't really want to be talking to at the moment. Because let's face it, when you have nothing to say to that person then talking to them is just a waste of yours and their time.

I digress.

One of my best friend's popped up in the chat box and after a bit of talking about and making future plans she told me that she was possibly seeing a new guy, I love her but the girl doesn't pick em too well. Then again I have no room to talk or judge, my latest adventures with boys have not been anything to get to excited about. Then she asked me a question that I somehow knew was coming, yet it still kind of felt like taking a bullet. Not a big one, maybe just a BB. With all the innocence and sweetmess in the world she asked, "so how's your dating life?".....I simply replied "it's a desert, and I push away any chances of rain that come my way right now." Because I'm crazy like that, I wouldn't mind having someone in my life sure, what girl doesn't? But at the same time I've got too much on my plate and in my sights right now to worry about something like the opposite sex. One day he will come, and then I'll be ready.

But in other news as grueling as this whole applying to college thing is and I'm almost in the home stretch there sure seems to be a lot of new stuff popping up, Stupid semantics, always getting in my way. But at least I'm getting closer and closer everyday.

I just want them to say "Yes" and then my heart can stop racing like Seabiscuit.

Sorry but now I'm curious and am going to ask, how's your love life??



  1. nonexistent. but it's perfectly fine with me for now :)

  2. Yeah that guy'll come along. If not you could always be one of those cat ladies.
    Everybody loves cats right?
    If you overlook the craziness, they seem blissfully happy.

    I'm on the same boat as Lexie with this one.

  3. I have a couple friends that have just horrible boyfriends, they don't pick em well either, then they always ask me how my love life is going as if they are throwing it in my face!
    One, I am not so desperate I'm going to go with the first guy that asks me out who is a loser like your guy and two, I have far more important things to worry about because I am a strong independent women that doesn't need that!
    I hope this isn't just my excuse for not having a boyfriend!

    Good luck on picking a college, I know how bad that sucks!

  4. never have really had one until recently. this boy just started talking to me and i started to like him. our respective best friends are dating and are trying to set us up. but we're taking it slow. so let's say, i've got a boyfriend in a couple months :) pretty happy right now.
    the thing is, i wasn't at all searching. it just happened. i've been actually not wanting a boyfriend at all, but when it happens you con't really stop it i guess.

  5. Aww yay Victoria, congrats! That is true, it tends to happen when it's least expected.

  6. I refused to date seriously until I was in university. I have been known to be a 'serial dater' and everyone is STILL shocked I've actually found someone to keep for four years. Sometimes I'M still shocked!

    Men worth having definitely show up when we are least expecting it :) Until then, embrace being single and get all your scandals out! When you're in a committed relationship, you will remember them fondly as excellent memories!

  7. I completely agree Yvonne, and congrats to you and yours :)
    I'm with you there Lex, I'm just fine with it too.
    LOL Thanks Sparks.
    Ever-P: Yeah, I'm just not sweating it for now, one day he will walk into my life and it will probably when I'm least expecting it too but right now I'm just fine being single and focusing on my future. :)


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