Monday, April 11, 2011

Just another manic Mondayyyyyy

Today has been a whirl wind of perpetual motion, bills have been paid, latte's have been enjoyed and sleep has been more or less caught up on. So what if I went to bed at almost 4 am last night? I had a good reason to stay up so late Skyping and not sleeping.

My Monday went a little like this;

7:00am- my internal alarm clock woke me up to remind my mom to wake up my little brother since Monday's her day to do it.

7:05- get up and go lay down in one of my other brothers bed's.

9:45am- hit snooze on my actual alarm and sleep until 11.

11:00-11:15- lay in bed reading Twitter updates until I'm actually awake, get up and go take a quick shower.

11:45-1:30- browse the interwebs and wait for my hair to dry. Because I'm against using hair dryers and looking like Toad from Mario Brothers..that's another story for another time.

2:00pm- drive across town to pay my phone bill and my mom's and end up only paying my own because unbeknownst to my mom if it's your bill and you're not paying with cash you gotta pay it yourself! I also encountered a very confused lady that needed to pay her phone bill but was confused as to how the kiosk worked so I helped her figure it out, get it paid and even got two dollars of her change just for the hell of it.

3:00- slowly make my way to Target and do my routine walk through of the store after getting a chai tea, get the two essential things that I actually needed along with an impulse buy...or two.

3:45- Head back to my car and throw in one of my favorite movie soundtracks and proceed to fall into nostalgic bliss as I drove to Wally World. A place that I loathe with a deep fiery passion.

4:15- Start to shop for groceries for tonight's dinner, run into an old neighbor and get to talking about life and the future. I forgot the hot dogs! Guess my 6 year old  brother will be enjoying beer brats with the rest of us.

5:00- made a mental  note to NEVER live on the third floor of an apartment building, EVER!!

and now I'm here hashing out my day off for all of you lovely people.

            What do you like to do on your day/s off?


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