Friday, April 29, 2011

This post is the blog equivalant of Swiss Cheese.

CAUTION: THIS POST IS NOT ENTIRELY FILLED WITH EVERY DETAIL AND NUANCE THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. It's the equivalant of Swiss Cheese, which we all know is the best cheese!

Why wasn't I given a courtesy warning about how aggraviting applying to school can be? Seriously guys, I almost had a meltdown today in the library after asking my mom for one bit of information of hers. I'm better now and can actually form words and sentences to chronicle the whole debacle.

This morning after getting my brother up and off to school I laid back down because 7 am is not a great functioning time for me, well I set my alarm to wake me back up at like 10 or so so that I could get some shit done and get this whole thing done and over with. I slept through the alarm!!!! I woke up at noon instead and checked my phone to see the time and nearly fell out of the bed trying to get out so that I could make up for the things I should have been doing earlier.

I had already filled out my Housing App and was starting to feel really good about it all until I went on the school's website and saw that the FAFSA information that I semi-celebrated completing yesterday was not in fact the right thing! I don't even know what the hell I did, nor do I care to say more about it then I'm going to here. I got up, got dressed and damn near flew to the library to fix everything. I got there and filled out the right information and am now almost done, again!! I also went to my old high school to get my high school transcripts and immunization information and I kind of started to miss it. Kind of. I definitely don't miss the "holier than thou" mindsets that some of the kids have these days but it also comes with living in an upper middle class town but actually being lower middle class.

Now all I have left to do is finish the FAFSA (again) and get another one of my transcripts and take the transcripts and housing information to the school. I'm so exhausted.

Also, my deadline in May 2, and I don't have my transcripts for the CC I went to.Though I'm going to try and get them tomorrow so that I can hand deliver everything myself on Monday. My head is going to explode!!

I'm so close, yet it feels so far away too.

I'm chalking today up to yet another one of Life's Lessons.

How is everyone's Friday going?

P.S If you don't see anymore posts from me after the 2nd or 3rd of May then you can assume that I've probably freaked out and ran away or have just gone to sit in a corner and am crying and talking to a plant.


  1. Please don't freak out and run away! lol!

    You can do it! (Sounds like you're working your butt off!!)

    If you have one or two little things left to fill out, but need the papers in by tomorrow, you can probably just turn in everything you have and then get the rest of the stuff to them as soon as you can. (Just an idea :)


  2. Thank you Sam! I'm getting up super early to go finish the FAFSA as soon as the library opens and then going to try and get papers from the other school that I went to then before work hauling ass to the school to drop off everything


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