Friday, April 8, 2011

When the cat's away the mouse will play.

This weekend is going to be a great one, I can feel it already and it is a fabulous feeling! My mom is in Texas for the weekend with a friend and is going to see family and just enjoy being away for a little bit and my brother's are are their dads probably not having the greatest time but they have to go. While I am left with the house to myself, and let me tell you this weekend has been much needed!

Silence is golden.

Some more perks to my family being gone are that I have full reign of everything! The Xbox? Mine. A bed instead of a couch, and a whole weekend of peace and quiet. I almost don't mind that I have to work all weekend either. Other people in my situation would probably take advantage of this and invite all of their friend's over and trash the house and what not but I'm cleaning the house Sunday before work so that my mom and brother's can come home to a nice clean house, because I'm nice like that and stuff and my mom has done a lot for me and I greatly appreciate it so I'm going to stay on her good side.

This has been a rather boring post, if you made it this far then you must be pretty bored, and I'm sorry.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Not bored! Sounds like being home alone is just what you needed. I know how that feels . . . to sit back and simply luxuriate in the silence of nothing going on around you. It's priceless!

  2. that sounds nice!! i have a crap load of homework to do :( bleh


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