Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't be a drag, just be a queen.

The other day I came to a realization,well not really a realization I suppose since I have already been feeling this way for quite some time. I am well aware that a good amount of my past few posts have been bitter/angry/whiny/etc., but I really am trying to be happier (I promise).

Now I think that I may even have a reason to be happier, other than picking up a possible 6th day at work, because I'm crazy! But I may have found some potential happiness and I'm scared out of my mind too. Though I suppose that the being scared part is a good thing, only time will tell. I guess it's not apparent enough that I have kind of come up with a decision to my little predicament. I know it's going to piss my mom off because I'm not yet quitting my job (because I haven't found a new one yet) and because I am committed to going back school next fall and won't be home to do some of the duties that she should be doing if her work allowed her more time to do. But the time has come for me to leave the nest AGAIN. I'm ready, but hopefully this summer at work will be enough for me to get by until it's time for school to start because I'm nervous yet really excited for it too.

The future looks bright!

Thank you Victoria for posting this, it helped me actually find the words that I was searching for yesterday. <3
"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." -Mahatma Ghandi


Also, this is my 100th post, it took forever to get here but I finally made it.

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