Thursday, March 31, 2011

Expecto Patronum! Did it work?

Well I think the interview went well...I haven't heard back from them yet so my nerves are perpetually fraying. On that note my mom's lease is apparently up in the next 3-4 months so I have hit a MASSIVE fork in my road of life. I'm scared shitless too because I'm not really sure which way I should go or what to do.

The options that are staring me down like a Bogart are; to somehow get myself another job like now, so that I can pay off my old debt and somehow find a place of my own or one that I can share with a room mate (one that doesn't hate me) and become a workaholic void of a social life and only spend my hard earned money on bills and groceries. I honestly think I could do it if I had a second job and a willing person to live with me. I'm not a bad room mate or anything, just so we're clear.


I can fill out my FAFSA and apply to a school that has an amazing Communications program and start anew there and just find a new job in the town where the school is. I've been thinking about this one for quite some time because due to recent circumstances my tuition could be paid in full just by fin. aid alone. I could handle being away from my family for four years and only visiting on weekends,holidays and summer vacation. BUT I will not go back to community college again! I know it's good and all because I have friends that are currently going there still but that would mean that I would have to come home and try to study and I have already tried this once before five years ago and I'm not looking for a rerun. Plus "if I don't go back soon, I'll never go back."

I'm going to keep mulling over these two things now and wait for a call.

In the meantime if any of you were in my shoes, which do you think you would pick?



  1. I think you would pick to go to school! Because you sounded really happy when you were talking about it. I think it sounds perfect :)

  2. go to school! it sounds like fun and better for your future. plus if it's all paid for, you might as well.

  3. Oh I go back and forth with this a lot too! I always felt like I should go back and get more schooling... (I have no idea what to go to school FOR though, so this is my dilemma, lol)

    I will say if you take that route, There will be financial aid, and grants to apply for, student loads - you might be able to go to school and just focus on school, and not have to worry about finding a job (or two!)... Grants can be Amazing! Money you don't have to pay back! If you decide to go, we will find you lots of grants to apply for :) :) :)

  4. I think that I'm going to work all summer and then apply to school and since I have one parent now and her and I combined don't make much at all and I can get a Cancer Survivorship grant thing then I'm pretty sure that I could just work for fun and the money I'd be awarded or whatever would be grants and things that I wouldn't have to pay back..I'm still looking into that. :)

    Thank you ladies <3


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