Friday, March 18, 2011


Here is just a small list of things that are currently throwing fuel into the fire of my grouchiness and stress.

  • My brother's-why they can't just listen to me the first time and respond at least the second..I know I'm their sister but when I'm watching them until I go to work, I'm the boss applesauce!
  • My mom- I hate that she made this list but I also just had to pay her car insurance with my "rent" money that is supposed to go to househould bills NOT her personals bills!! (Last month I paid her phone bill). Last I checked I don't go to my work to pay for her bills along with my own, I know I  know she's my mom she has paid for my bills for years BUT up until 8 years or so ago I was being raised by my dad and stepmom, not her.
  • Work-I'm just gonna leave it at I can't wait to find another job.
However there are some good things that are keeping me slightly sane..thank God!
-Saturday is almost here and that means my date is almost here!
-My giving up Facebook for Lent has been a great idea, there is so much less stress and drama going on. Not that I'm a dramatic person or anything because I personally dislike drama and anyone that enjoys starting it. Like the world isn't crazy enough?

Sorry I had to get that out, it felt good to get it all off my chest. Better things to come soon because I'm better than this. Self-pity is not how I roll!

I love you all!

I need to start doing my yoga soon.


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