Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why do we never learn from our mistakes?

After tonight I think a rant type thing-a-ma-jig is in order here.

Attention gentleman I'm about to let you in on a HUGE secret about your fellow species, the fairer of the sexes, the Eve's to your Adam's. Are you ready? Can you handle it? Ok lean in close it's a big secret that you should all know and try to remember every now and then about the women around you. ALL OF THEM!!
Have you ever seen the movies Witches of Eastwick? Practical Magic? Terms of Endearment? Noticing a pattern or two here? Besides the fact that they are all chick flicks they are also stories of women with power and an emotion or two. But the power in which I speak of is one that we all have (yes some use their's sparingly or not at all) while others would consider it almost like air to them if it had to be used 24/7. It's called Women's Intuition gentlemen! It's probably one of the things that you dislike most about your girlfriend's because us women like to nag, and yes we do think that we are ALWAYS right so stop wasting your breath and just nod your head yes to us 98% of the time. Even if we are wrong in the end eventually some of us will admit it and be slightly remorseful.

Now to the point...betcha might want that now, huh?
Well tonight is finally Saturday! The day/evening that I was supposed to go on a what I thought was fairly set in stone date as far as plans went (meeting place,distance between each other and whatnot). Boy was I 7 sorts of wrong there. I thought we were going to a shopping district area thing for dinner and coffee and to walk and talk or whatever. Nope two hours or so before I was about to get ready and put a little more effort into my appearance he texts me asking where we were meeting. See my confusion?After giving some BS excuses about it "not being his scene" and that he was worried about me being bored and that he didn't know the area too well. He offered up some suggestions and since I am not too active in exploring my native city past the Broadway Bridge (especially alone, and too fairly unfamiliar territory) and especially to meet a near perfect stranger. I listened to my ituition and my friend with whom I was staying with last night and this afternoon and a yellow flag or two showed up and any possible dangers that may have lurked in tonight's shadows were dodged.

I think it's time for a little info about the gentleman- a pro's and con's list if you will.

  • He's smart and funny.
  • A college grad and has a steady job that he is good at.
  • He wrote me a character reference for a job that I applied for that is the same company that he works for just a different location.
  • He made me feel special for awhile.

He lives in Overland Park.

No offense to the guy but in my past experiences with guys from that area they seem to think that their money and cars and the sizes of their houses give them the right to treat women that are not from that area like dirt under their over priced shoes. Sorry bucko but that's not how us Missouri girl's (like me) roll.

I hit a new record for myself, I did something wrong to upset them or scare them off before we have even met, even though we had been talking for about a month or two! Even after I gave him a "quasi apology" he kept pouring salt in as though everything was kosher. I'm not stupid so there's no reason to talk to me as though your my teacher or something. I am also not one to start drama because it's completely unnecessary! But a simple answer would have sufficed for me, either meet me at the what I thought was a previously discussed and agreed upon location or just say no. My skin has become pretty thick and resiliant against emotions and some attempts to hurt from others so I wasn't really all that hurt. I was doing what I would have been doing if I hadn't made the date in the first place and was off work anyways and I had fun hanging out with a friend and getting introduced to The United States of Tara.

But tomorrow's another day!

How was every one else's weekends?


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