Monday, March 7, 2011

Just a little bit about me.

I came to a realization the other day dear readers, you guys don't know that much about me. Well unless you have been following me for the past year than you might know a thing or two but other than that I have left you pretty much in the dark about me.  Consider this your flashlight. Enjoy!

  • My favorite colors are green and purple
  • I'm addicted to Twitter. 
  • I have a really big family that I don't always have the time or money to see, but I try to when I can.
  • I have moved out and back in to my mom's house more times than I care to count. 
  • I have been pronounced dead 3 times in my life, I'll explain more soon.
  • I have had 5 open heart surgeries, a stroke, a broken back and Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer, all of which I have bounced back from with flying colors.
  • I'm a pessimist wrapped in  a thick mesh layer of optimism. 
  • I believe that true love is out there for everyone, whether it's with one or more people throughout their lives.
  • I've only been "in love" twice. 
  • I have lived in sin.
  • I try to make friends and stay friends with everyone.
  • I believe in karma.
  • I own more books and movies than I should for living in a two bedroom apartment with my mom and brothers.
  • Of all the men in my life past, present and future my dad will always be my Number 1.
  • I have champagne taste, but I only make beer wages. Yet I have yet to try champagne or beer, so that's a goal.
  • I want to travel the world and see all of the ocean's to cure me of my land locked blues.
  • My goals/aspirations/dreams are bigger than this town.
  • I have a good memory, on most days. 
  • I pull my fingernails off because every time I see my mom's pinky fingernail I feel the urge to vomit. Know what I mean by this?
  • My car's name is Betsey Johnson , yes after the designer. 
  • I want friend's like Ted Mosby has on How I Met Your Mother, relationships too.
  • My mom is one of my hero's.  
  • I know a lot of useless information about pop culture.
  • I collect soundtracks.
  • I'm neither a "cat person" or a "dog person" either animal is fine with me as long as they cuddle with me on cold nights.

Okay I think that is more than enough random facts about me, myself and I. If you guys want to know more that I missed on here or want elaborations feel free to ask, I WILL answer. 

Also, if you have any ideas for what any of my next posts for the month should be, lemme know. 



    1. Oh my gosh! What you have survived and overcome is unbelievable! You are a strong, strong person meant for great things. *hugs*

    2. Great Post!

      It's so fun to learn more about fellow bloggers! :) :)

    3. wow. i am in aww of your courage. that is all.

      oh and you forgot to mention how old you are... like are you in school still?


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