Monday, March 14, 2011

The Bachelor is a total skeeze

**this is my first viewing of this season and it's the end. Perfect timing!**

Ohhhh The Bachelor how I loathe thee. Shall I list the ways?

One guy, 24 girls to start and then he gives a single fucking rose to the ones he wants to stay.
While he mulls over which girl he wants to have sex with more than once he bangs every one else that looks like a Barbie. (Talk about STD's) The show is like Big Love but WORSE ON SOO MANY LEVELS, but Bill Paxton is a fucking fox.
This season especially sucks, Brad  (who is clingy as hell) effed things up the first time so naturally he took to it again in hopes of finding his perfect one. Because that's what American dating has come to. If it's not found via the internet, or a bar, or through friends it's on a reality TV show that should have been cancelled a LONG time ago. God dammit my fellow American's why can't we make TV like it used to be but with our new technologies integrated in somehow? 3D should only be used in the theatres and if a movie must have the 3D effect than the DVD should come with a handful of paper glasses. It's much cheaper then what companies do now..

Not gonna lie I'm a bit of a reality TV show junkie, I watch The Real World at least every other season, I'm a sucker for Teen Mom and I love My Life as Liz (if you can call it a reality tv show). Back in the day I watched as a bunch of  regular people were thrown on an island and forced to figure out who would be the real Survivor, but these days Reality TV and some normal shows are slowly circling the drain.

now for the "After the  final rose" ceremony..

He picks the girl that looks like a beautiful Barbie doll but has a a kid, so that takes care of that for him and the girl that looks like Katy Perry got dumped. They both deserve happiness and I'm about as happy for them as I care to be for about the minute that I actually care about this show.

I'm really not this cynical about love, just about finding actual lasting love on a reality TV show for the world to see. At least if it's through a website your competition is faceless and you're free to talk to more than one person if you want. It's kind of a good thing, scary at times but if you get the right site (if there is one) than your doing pretty good.

I do understand that shows like The Bachelor are great escapes for the trials and tribulations for daily life and they make us feel inspired and believe that love is really out there...somewhere.

I'm so contradictory tonight! Fucking a.

What are your thoughts on finding love through a TV show?


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