Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm one anxious bitch.

[Warning: this may not make complete sense, as I am half awake while writing. Please bear with me I'll be back to normal...soon..I hope.]

My tolerance levels for just about anything have reached maximum capacity today. Well they have been building up for awhile now but today the top is about to burst! I'm falling apart at the seams, the intricately sewn seams that hold me together are puckering every where. Emotionally, physically, mentally I'm expecting a meltdown any day now.

If you haven't figured this out already I'm a bit sensitive to most things others are not, I can also read other's feelings whether they are expressing them or not. Then I carry their problems as if their my own.-the woes of being empathetic. 

As if my sleeping habits didn't suck enough already Daylight Savings Time started this week and my body still isn't use to it. I swear if you took away my laptop and phone for 3 days and  I was given a dark room with a massive bed with a mountain of pillows and an amazing comforter I would love you forever. Someone should get on this.

In light of recent events my brain is all in a tizzy, I can't help the people of Japan or Libya by doing much else besides praying until I'm blue in the face, and even that doesn't seem to be enough for me. If I had enough money to support myself, my family and even some to spare to help others I wouldn't even think twice to do so. The images and news coverage on both stories is so devastating and heartbreaking that every time a new story breaks it only adds to my mounting anxiety.

Other than a possible cavity and not knowing how my most recent blood test came out my life is really nothing to complain about compared to others. I just wish that  I had a bit of a turn around, more good days in exchange for less shitty days. But the bad one's make the good ones that much better I suppose. I think I really need to work on how much I complain. To aid with my stress I bought two bags of York Peppermint Patties last night because their about the only thing that keep me saner without resorting to drugs or alcohol. My dentist is totally gonna hate me whenever I get in to see him.

What is stressing you right now and what do you do to ease the stress??


P.S Happy Pi Day! Let's all go eat some pie now, or cake. Cake is great too!

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