Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm open to some interpretations

This morning I had two very interesting dreams that I just can not seem to shake, then again the first one I don't really want to.

The first one was about my dad and stepmom-my first dream with my dad and stepmom in it since both of them have passed. It started with me feeling as though I was being led to the area where we were and then whatever had a hold of me in the first place was gone as soon as I set foot on the grassy hills of what I'm assuming is my dad and stepmom's burial plot. I was wearing a black dress that I actually have in my closet and everyone else around me was in black and shades of white. My brother,step-sisters and their families were all there, along with my stepmom and dad's siblings and their families that were with him until the end were there.The first thing I saw when I looked at the sky was two blazing rays of sunlight shining through the overcast clouds and I started to talk to sister's and everyone else until I looked back again and saw my dad and stepmom sitting on a blanket in their wedding clothes and they were right under the rays of sun just beaming at us all. I turned my head to talk to some other family and they disappeared again!

The second one is really strange. I think I was a cartoon or something, I'm not really sure but I was in this lake or massive tide pool type thing with human hybrids? Except they had no legs and no arms from the elbow down sand they were more of a fat glob of skin and bones than anything. Apparently they were going to teach me how they reproduced...the whole process was really disturbing.

So what do you guys think these could mean? They happened seperately so I really hope that there isn't anyway that they could be connected at all.



  1. wow. my dreams are never that meaningful. and they make no sense at all. they are the most bizarro things you have ever heard of.

    but anyway. back to your dreams. i have no idea what they could mean. i'm really bad at dream interpretation.

    however, i think the first one is almost like closure. like maybe your dad and stepmom were saying "hello" through a dream? i believe in things like that.

  2. I've had some pretty weird dreams myself too,i.e the second one. I think they were too actually which is nice since I only got to say goodbye to one. I believe in stuff like that too :)


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