Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happiness found in the simplest of ways is the best kind.

I'm happy to report that today has been an exponentially better day than yesterday was,which is good, nay -GREAT! I slept for about 11 hours last night and then went to a couple stores just to browse and Target of all stores didn't even have what I was looking for, it was so sad. Until I went to Best Buy and found it!
I woke up this morning feeling that crushing pain from last night gone and replaced with something that I can't really describe but it was a better one. The sun and springy air might have helped too.  I finally tracked down the CD and not even two songs in I knew that I was in love. Those Glee kid's tweet's were so right..the cd is full of great lyrics and well just  go listen to it for yourself. Words alone can not describe.

I'm thinking about doing a BEDM (Blog Every Day in March) since I'm already kind of on a roll. I'll try to blog every day this month, at least every chance I get.

I hope you're having a good a day as I am.

What makes you happy?

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  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better! I can relate to your unhappiness, as you know if you were reading my blog, I was pretty unhappy all this winter. BUT the sun and warmth did a number on my spirit and now I'm feeling sooo much better!

    and you should do BEDM. That would be fun!


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