Monday, April 18, 2011

Dinner, Dancing and Doritos

I have entirely too much time on my hands on my day/s off.

My earlier post was pretty much a sad product of extreme boredom and I thought the pictures were cute. So sue me. Tonight my mom had the idea for the whole family to cook dinner-with the exception of the six year old, because he's like six. On the menu is grilled chicken, broccoli and mash your own mashed potatoes. Yum right!?

Not only do we get to help make dinner we also are being forced to watch "Dancing With the Stars", my disdain for this show is one that rivals 'Jersey Shore'. Seriously, they're neck and neck for which one bothers me more...the only good thing DWTS has going for it is that the winner gives the prize money to a charity of their choice, so they win.

At least my day was slightly productive I went to the dentist and had the beginning of some work done. My dentist said that I had nice teeth, despite the two problem ones and that he wished me luck on getting into a college next semester, all before he questioned me about braces. I kindly said no, I've seen that episode of Sex and the City. Next week I get to have a double root canal,whoop-de-freaking-do!

I'm not even doing BEDA and I've posted just about every day so far this month,hehe.

Now that I've had dinner and it was delicious I wouldn't mind trying one of these.

Have a good night everyone! 


If you're not having a good day I hope that possibly this or this makes your night better.



    I love that cat.

  2. I believe their macaroons. I have seen them on Marie Antoinette (the Sophia Coppola version) and wanted to eat everything in the movie lol, you should watch it.

  3. MMM. LOOKING at them messed up my diet! Yummmy!!!

  4. I went to the dentist myself on the lovely Monday, April 18th. I had my very first cavity taken care of. It resulted in me not being able to feel the left side of my jaw for about 4 hours. I feel your pain. Or rather, don't feel your pain (literally!).

  5. You don't like 'Jersey Shore'?? I have to admit, I've seen every single episode. Why? Because they're like crazy, drunk zoo animals and I cannot.look.AWAY

  6. Ok, that's true. One can not look away from zoo animals or a car accident so you got me there lol


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