Sunday, April 24, 2011

40 Days and 40 Nights of NO Facebook


I did what most can't in this day and age, at least no one that I know on a personal level can. Well I have one friend that is hardly on it anyways,but I digress.  I gave up one of world's biggest time sucks for Lent-Facebook. I actually think that I have become a little better of a person because of the hiatus, even as I write this I'm not even on it. I got back on for about 4 minutes and I don't have much of a desire to get back on it, at least right now. The addiction may slowly kick back in but for now I'm going to enjoy the release of the death grip that it holds on people.

During my absence on Facebook I have managed to;

-improve my blogging, little by little, hello new and old followers! You guys are the coolest :)

-I have avoided any and ALL of the drama and Facebook that may have been going on in my social circles, a drama free life is a good life in my opinion.

-I have also finished a book that I have been trying to finish for awhile, work and life got in the way. It was great and something that I kind of needed. I also bought myself two books for Easter- Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (chick lit is a guilty pleasure of mine) and The Help by Kathryn Stockett which is also being made into a movie like SB and Emma Stone is going to be in it!

-My dating life has also been um, active? Though I don't think that taking myself out to eat and seeing movies really counts and going on ONE actual date with a guy counts as having a dating life. But it's whatever.

-I have started the college application process and things are going slightly well, except like the getting in part. Which I'm working on and praying that the process goes smoother than it started.

So the nerves they are a fraying. But everything will be okay, I usually get what I want if I put my mind to it and want it badly enough and this is something that I want BAD!

So I want to know, what did you give up for Lent if anything? How did it go?



  1. WOW! That's a good one to give up. Facebook. Never thought of that...

    And your book looks so good! The hope-cake thing really intrigued me!!

  2. You are stronger than me!
    What schools have you applied to? If you need any advice, let me know! I've gone through it 3 times now!! :)

  3. I'm applying to Missouri Western, I have my sights set on a school slightly away from home. Thank you :)

  4. Hey there! Thanks for following. You have a nice blog here. I gave up on facebook too like 3 years back. One day I woke up and realized that facebook is so full of shit :D.


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