Saturday, April 16, 2011

Embracing the different in life

The wild women of today's mainstream music are the bread to my butter, the jelly to my peanut butter, the star's in my sky some more so than others. Please don't think any less of me for this post.

I have a bit of an affinity with mainstream pop music, especially Ke$ha. I know I know "but she's dirty and all she does is sing in auto tune....blah,blah,blah"..see what I did there?? Yeah I did that. Today before work in an effort to get out of the house early I ran to Target just to look around and then I came across this little nugget. Suffice to say it made my day at work go a lot smoother, and that I will gladly take any day of the week. Even though the media and a lot of people tend to hate on her I have a lot of respect for her, especially when I found and read this interview she did with Seventeen magazine last year. The girl really isn't so bad. See?

Another wild woman of the mainstream that I can't help but like is of course Lady Gaga, catchy songs, crazy outfits, and fearlessly out there. Though wearing a meat dress is absolutely fucking bonkers and disgusting. But I think that if anything her star will burn the brightest. I mean with a name like Lady Gaga and naming your fans "Little Monsters", you probably aren't going any where for some time. 

Then there's Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, I've never had a problem with Rihanna and I probably never will but she's probably going places too. Nicki Minaj on the other hand, she scares the shit out of me! I've dubbed her the "Black Lady Gaga"., not because I think she's going too far in the world of music and such but because of the way she acts, which is sometimes worse than Gaga. I'm not racist I swear but it's kinda the truth. Don'tcha think?

The modern day Madonna's- 


Your guys' love is MY drug.

Which "crazy" artist's do you have a guilty pleasure for?



  1. Okay, so the meat dress was gross, BUT it was tailored wonderfully. LOL!! :)

  2. That is very true lol but at least her wigs don't look like ratty cotton candy and she doesn't talk like a 5 year old lol

  3. I completely LOVE kesha! I think she's crazy, but every song she makes is genius!


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