Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting-my version

So despite my exhaustion and lack of feeling in the face today, I have yet to sleep it off STILL! I'm exhausted, but as soon as my mom gets home and can make my brother listen more I can than I'm going to go give my pillow some much needed loving. My mom's little staying up til 2 am thing last night when we all had tons of stuff to do today, and early was nowhere near cool with me.

So today other than having the adventure with the dentist and getting the feeling back into my face I also got to help my brother find his new Nintendo DSi that the Easter Bunny brought him, that I told him not to take it outside with him. He didn't listen and he ran out the door right as I uttered the word" outside". The little shit ran back inside after about an hour of playing and was red in the face and had claimed that a kid in a ski mask and with a backpack had stolen his new toy. My other brother came inside and heard the tale and after some scalding from my brother and from my mom (who was at work) and I we all trekked outside into the chilly night air and began to search for the stupid toy.

We interrogated half of the neighborhood kids before my brother finally spilled the real story! Oh, I was SO pissed at him! Not only because he lied to our faces (duh), he also had my mom so pissed that in her moment of madness she said that if we didn't find it then she was going to kick me out! Not even close to cool madre, especially since I would have nowhere but my tiny car to live in and that's some close quarters. I'm doing my own things already to try and move out though.

Here's what else I did today; I applied to the school I'm looking at and had a little help from a friend that currently goes there with the rest of the process. All I need to do now is get my transcripts from the CC I went to a few years ago for one pathetic semester and from my high school and go to the school and fill out a room application and get my mom to fill out her nine lines on the FAFSA! Then there's the wait, I don't even know how I will deal with that process other than patiently because it would be my only choice. Now that I've  done more of the application process the future looks a hint brighter every day.

So yes, even though this is my second post of the day and the day has had it's moments of major suckage it has also been quite productive depending on how it's looked at. Thank you Leanne for reminding me that it really wasn't all that bad.

As a special treat I'm going to copy and paste some of the tweets that I tweeted while under some heavy sedation today at the dentist's. You're welcome.

want to eat a stack of French Toast right now, or sleep. (before the fun started)

 I can't feel half of my face, peace out gitl scouts (yup, the meds have hit. Hence the spelling error)

Dentists should give patients dry erase boards or be required to know basic sign language, lol (I showed this to the dentist's assistant upon hitting Tweet, haha)

I feel like I just got beat up (after the procedure) I looked fine, but I felt like Rocky had just beat me up.

I'm @thelovelygirl on Twitter, if anyone cares.

Oh! I almost forgot that I made a cake tonight, I get bored and I bake the first thing that I see in the pantry. It's terrible. I don't think that it's going to be anywhere near as pretty as Juliet's was but I didn't have the proper tools. One day though.

Have a great day/night everyone



  1. Glad I could give you a different perspective on a seemingly sucky day! Look on the brighter side of it all, the day is (nearly) over!

    I'm also glad that I didn't have twitter accessible the last time I was under sedation from a dentist trip. After my wisdom teeth procedure, I apparently gave the doctor a grammar lesson and told him that I saw Jesus and Jesus looked like a "Real G." GOodness knows what kind of nonsense would have been posted through tweets then.

    May tomorrow be better for you!

  2. Way to go on your paper work!! :)

    I really hope the family lets you get some well needed rest tonight! :)

  3. I appreciate it :), lol your dentist story makes me think that we would get along very well in person haha

  4. Applying to college can be such a bother (though an important bother). The first time I applied, I had loads of help, because I was 18 and totally had my head in the clouds. But when I tried to transfer and went through the process on my own, I realized how much trouble it really is. I forgot to apply for housing and ended up homeless and returned to my old college. Silly me. But good for you -- you sound like you've got things together and are closing in on the finish :) Are you going to live off campus? And thanks for the comment about my cake!!! You're super sweet!

  5. Aww thanks Juliet, I'm applying for housing probably tomorrow or Friday since I have to run my transcripts up there and stuff. I only have a bit more to do and then I have to wait for their decision and I'm nervous as hell! I'll also be working too (once I find something) and then I'm off and rolling! :D

  6. lol @ your tweets. I haven't been to a dentist since fifth grade but ehen I was a kid I used to love going to the dentists because after that my mom always got me an ice cream lol!.
    And don't worry about the cake. It happens at times :D

  7. Just sent a follow request on twitter :)
    lovely blog

  8. I had that broken face feeling. When I had my wisdom teeth out as a teenager I remember it took a week for my cheeks to get back to a normal size. Plus, water dribbled out of my mouth.

    Oh yeah. All the boys wanted to date me.


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