Monday, May 2, 2011

Music: the great communicator

I believe that if you think positively and act positively then the universe will bring you great things, that isn't too crazy right? I also believe that if you surround yourself with positive people and all together positive energy then things will happen for you. So I'm doing just that. I'm using music and even telling strangers my plans because sometimes strangers will leave a piece of themselves behind and will add to the burning optimism that I have in my heart. Though this month is going to be a  long and emotional month I'm going to keep myself optimistic and cheerful through everything.

I've compiled a playlist of some songs that have been keeping my spirits high and my worries low. Enjoy!

By the way the playlist is bottom left if you  haven't noticed yet. It's about as different and eclectic as me!


  1. keep being positive!! it pays at the end :D
    and i luv your taste in music, its unique :)

  2. Thank you kitkat, I appreciate that :)

  3. There's an ad on the right hand side of your blog about a Cat Cage. I am so, so confused. And so offended if this is a Google ad and it thinks I NEED it.

  4. It's an add, I don't know why it's that ad either, I haven't wrote about cats recently..Google is so weird sometimes.

  5. Hm. Your playlist makes me feel uneasy. I either HATE or LOVE the artist who sings every single song in it.

    But none of it matters anyways because LOOK IT'S A TEDDY BEAR WEARING GIANT HEADPHONES!

  6. Good on ya! Tell the world, there needs to be more optimism!

    Also, a huge fan of the jelly bean background.

    I like your playlist!

  7. Nice playlist. I like Regina Spektor too. :D


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