Friday, November 19, 2010

The Pros and Cons of being single (during the holidays)

It's that time of year again folks! Football games are in full swing, chili is being made by the gallon and couples every where are anticipating many firsts in the their relationships. Or some of the more seasoned couples are wishing they could do this. I on the other hand will be most likely feeding my internet addiction, visiting family and a few friends, and watching my DVD collection for the 2nd or 3rd time in a row. Lame right? I know! My increasing levels of lame never cease to amaze me so that is why I have decided to compile a list of Pros and Cons of being single during this lovely time of year.

Pro: You can eat whatever you want and not feel guilty about it.
Con: Right before Spring you start to feel a tad bit guilty about it.

Pro: You don't have to worry about buying any gifts for their side of the family (including just a bottle of wine)
Con: Not having anyone to cuddle up next to the fireplace with to drink cocoa.

Pro: You get full control of the remote, so all of those old school holiday movies that you love are yours for the enjoying.
Con: You get to cuddle on the couch with the cat or the dog.

Pro: You can make up excuses to leave a couple filled party and go do your own thing.
Con: At said parties you are reminded that you're still single.

Pro: You prep your car for the winter and show the car who's boss!
Con: A car smart guy is always a helpful friend to have around.

Pro: No one to keep you from having a great time!
Con: No one is there to stop you from having too much of a great time.

Pro: Your time and money is spent the way you want.
Con: Sometimes it's nice to surpise someone with little gifts and with your time.

Pro: You come home to your own thing.
Con: If you have had a bad day, you don't have anyone that is already there to comfort you.

So it seems that this has just become a general Pros and Cons list of the single life,which tends to be a very sharp double edged sword unless you have managed to snag a really, really great guy or girl and then in that case I wish you nothing but the best for days to come! :) If not then embrace the independence and the freedom that single life offers! Because being an independent and self sufficient member of society is a beautiful thing!

So what are some of your Pros and Cons about the single life, or if your in a relationship what are the Pros and Cons of it?

Have a lovely day/evening all!


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