Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's been a rough month....

Okay I've been sitting here with this screen opened long enough, it's time for me to get some writing done there are after all a ton of things rolling around in my head that I need to get out and into another form other then keeping them bottled up in my head. So here goes!

Okay well to start off I am sadly not opening this blog on a happy note, in the last week of May my aunt called me in somewhat of a panic about my dad. I had just talked to him the night before and asked him if I could come out to his house to see him because well for one I hadn't been out to see him since Christmas of last year and he was diagnosed with throat and liver cancer in about January. But when I called him the night before he informed me that his doctor had told him that the chemo he had had done all that it could and that they were going to try and give radiation a chance because by that time his cancer had spread to his bones in his lower body. Moving on... my aunt and I got to his house that Friday and as soon as I walked in the door to say hi to him I stopped in my tracks and just hugged my dad was skin and bones. I hate this comparison but he reminded me of one of those pictures of a Holocaust victim that you see in high school history books.

My aunt my dads best friend and a bunch of other people including my brother and I helped my dad take his meds and make him feel as comfortable as possible. After almost two weeks of my aunt and myself being there and meeting with his nurse and a grief counselor for my brother and I my dad passed the night my aunt and I left. Six days ago my family and I buried my dad in Kansas City next to my stepmom.

I guess on a lighter note my birthday was last weekend, I am now officually an "adult" I have been waiting for this day for years and while the week before made it a little sullen that's okay.

Everything happens for a reason.

P.S I left a lot out because I couldn't write it or my order got messed up in my head and from there I want to keep it private I suppose.

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