Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl just a little more grown...

It has been a month now since my dads passing and I would like to inform everyone of the massive changes that have happened to me in that somewhat short amount of time.
For starters, I moved out of my moms house and into my aunts and uncles, it was very abrupt and more or less undecided until I had been staying longer then originally planned. But so far it has been very good and otherwise a good decision, no matter how rash it may have seemed at the time. (even though 85% of my stuff is still at my moms)

I am now employed and even though I just started I like my job a lot.I feel like a million bucks because for once in my life it seems things are finally going the right way for me, and this feeling is something that I think everyone deserves to have in their lives.

Back to the subject of my dad, I was talking to my aunt a few nights ago about the grieving process and how I haven't really done that yet. I know that I need to and I will, but I think that I kind of accepted it while it was happening and so I haven't really done that whole thing but every now and then I have my triggers and I suppose they help. I think that my dad may have had a little part in what has happened in the past month for me and to me and I thank him and the big guy upstairs for it every day. Also this weekend is my dads birthday, he would have been 50 and I'm thinking about going to his grave to go wish him a happy birthday and to talk to him. I think that no matter how old I get and what goes on in my life that I will never stop being "daddy's little girl".

On that note I wish everyone a happy and safe fourth of July!



  1. I think part of the grieving process is just recognizing where you are at...so knowing that you haven't fully dealt with it is actually, in a way, dealing with it. Good luck with your new endeavors continuing to make you happy!

  2. Oh my your post is a tear jacker. I think all girls are Daddy's little girls!. I wish your Dad could have seen you change..he would have been so happy for you. My best to you for all that you are trying to make out of your life. Good luck in all your endeavors. It was worth reading your post.
    Thanks for sharing your heart
    Barkha Dhar


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