Saturday, July 17, 2010

This little light of mine..

I think that I am starting to figure things out...FINALLY! I know that this is a loaded statement but as of lately in between all of the craziness that I have been faced with I have seen hints of light trying to break through.

So lets see what has gone on since the last time I wrote? Well my aunt and uncle (mainly my aunt) kind of told me that I needed to go back to live with my mom and my brothers, which I was going to try and do but I found that her and my brothers are moving across town. But I did find another place to live and today I situated most of my room and I'm very happy about that and thankful that the person I will be living with allowed me to move in with her.

Lets see... I have been at my job for almost a month and I am learning something new every day and I'm faced with many a challenges daily but I love it. A good challenge always does a heart good. Speaking of challenges I started talking to a guy and then shortly stopped talking to him, haha, BUT before you start to say mean things you have to believe me when I say I have my reasons and when something just doesn't feel right avoid it like the plague! I have also been focusing on listening to my gut and intuition when it tells me things and so far I think that I have been doing rather well with it. Even if old habits die hard, I'm attempting to kick that one to the curb for good.

So on the fourth of July my best friend and I celebrated our independence the only way to celebrate, we attempted to see a light show BUT it rained so we went back to her house after driving around for awhile and watched movies and just had a glorified girls night, I adore and cherish my best friend she has been there for me through well, everything.

Ok dear readers, whoever you are I think that that is all I can muster right now.


Have a great day :)

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