Thursday, July 29, 2010

A hopeless romantics romantic-less challenge.

Well hello there dear readers and passerbys, I've got quite the story for you all tonight but first a short disclaimer.
*These views and opinions are purely mine and if you take any offense to what I may write, I'm sorry ahead of time and this is something that I am choosing to do for me and may not be for everybody.** Enjoy!

Last weekend I was hanging out with my best friend, we did our usual weekend ritual-see a movie, eat out or just go walk around somewhere aimlessly and see who if anyone of us spends the most money and who holds back. Except that later in that weekend we both had dates, she on Friday night and myself on Saturday night-granted hers was planned a week or so ahead of time, whereas mine was very spontaneous.

Anywho Sunday evening after we went to see Ramona and Beezus we came back to her house so that she could get ready for her churches concert with the kids she teaches, while waiting for her to get ready to go I browsed her moms bookshelf not really expecting to find anything but something jumped out at me called, I Kissed Dating Goodbye and while this is not usually a book that I would be drawn to so heavily something about it and the "date" I had the preceding night made me want to borrow it.

I started reading it that night and started to give my own love life a good long look. I have never really been one to go out and date guys "recklessly" I have only had a total of two serious boyfriends in my life and that's fine with me. I haven't ever really needed any man in my life to support me other then my dad and my godfather and other men like that. The date the night before was my first in 7 or so months and I am considering the date more of just a trial run to see if I was ready to get back into the dating world. It appears I wasn't and as I said before, that's fine with me. I couldn't put the book down this whole week and when I had to I was itching to read more of it because it kept giving me the support,advice and direction that i had been void of in the past few months. Granted, I was already on the right path that this book was opening for me more or less already but I gathered that it is okay to be single (even though I have been for 3 years now) and it is possible to have a relationship with a guy without it turning into a dramatic made for the movies kind of situation. I finished the book tonight and sent my best friend a text telling her my new plan and to give her mom a big hug from me. I also decided to go ahead and challenge myself with the not quite newly found lifestyle and see if I can find myself along the way too.

The rules of The Plan-(inspired by I Kissed Dating Goodbye)

  • I will not go on any more dates, until I am emotionally, mentally, and financially ready for a serious relationship.
  • When I do choose to start dating again, I don't know if it will be to lead to marriage or not, since I'm not sure if I want to get married yet.
  • I will not let another guy distract me from the already full plate of things I have in front of me already to get over.
  • I will strengthen myself as a person and my relationships with others around me.
I will be able to have relationships with guys but nothing further then friends.
Those are just the rules for so far, I plan to begin my dating sabotical on August 1st and as of now it is indefinite on when it will end but I do know that I will be given someone that is very special and is meant for me one day. Updates will be coming monthly on my progress on all things big and small, (finances, faith,relationships,and anything else that may come to mind.)

This is going to be a little like Eat,Pray, Love but without the travel and gurus, but I'm welcoming this challenge with an open heart and mind so that I can see what exactly is in my heart that I should be seeing and listening to.


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