Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Domestication,it's a skill that I have been having drilled into my brain for the past 20 years. Only now I'm starting to get it down...took me long enough right? Maybe but I'm just the type of person that can live in "organized clutter" and still manage to function right. Granted my mom makes me clean my room is the clutter becomes too unmanageable.

But I digress.

Lately I have been the baker of the family baking up all sorts of cookies and watching them disappear, it's been great :D. I have also been cleaning the house for my mom and while it has been tiring I have been doing pretty good. I'm pretty sure that when I get my own place in the future that it will be kept pretty clean. I'm not a fan of messes though I make them but I tend to try to clean up after myself at one point or another.

Other things in my life are going fairly well, my boyfriend (Alex) and I have been together for almost 2 months. I know it's not that big of a deal for two people to make it together for 2 months but for someone that has crappy luck staying in a healthy happy relationship with one person for even close to a year let alone 1 month this is really good. I can honestly say that I see good things in my future with him. As far as the cancer thing goes, I have a doc's appointment at the end of this week for a scan and blood test then in Febuary I believe I get my prognosis (hopefully it's good). My hair is growing more and more every day and I love it! I miss having hair soooooooo much! Hmm let's see Alex asked me to his schools Valentine's Day ball/dance thing at his school two days before the actual day and that should be fun, I'm still hoping that I can make enchilladas and chocolate covered strawberries for us but if not I will do it another day when I have the money and we have the time.

So I suppose even though some things in my life are kind of hellish I have learned that God doesn't give us anything we can't handle and everything happens for a reason. But in the end we usually make it through it no matter how hard the journey was.


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