Friday, January 29, 2010

This is just how I feel..right now.

As I get older more and more of my friends are having kids and getting married and I'm very happy for them and wish them the best of luck with all my heart and that they have happy lives. But I on the other hand I am still testing the waters and trying to figure out what I do or don't want out of my a nutshell this blog is going to be about children. And the reasons that I have now for not particulary wanting any.

The first and foremost reason is cancer. It has been running in my family and I don't want to pass it on to my kids. I wouldn't wish cancer of any kind to anyone not even my worst enemy.

My brothers are birth control enough,don't get me wrong I love them and I know that boys will be boys and all that but I don't want 'em. Sorry Mom and Dad.

Some people are really going to hate me for this last one but I want to live a slightly selfish life. I want my own independence,my own space and everything else that comes with it. If I do manage to find someone that loves me for who I am and everything else and decides they want to marry me then sure I think that I might accept,especially if I'm at the age that I see myself getting married. I just want my dad to walk me down the aisle.

If I do marry someone that does want kids and I end up wanting them as well, and I find out that I am ill-equipped due to cancer then I might consider adoption.

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  1. Kids are...a lot of work.

    I'm selfish too. I def. want kids, but not for like...awhile. Plus I wanna be married, and moreover, I wanna have several years with JUST MY HUSBAND before I have to surrender the rest of my life to children...

    It's a good thing to think about and know where you stand. Matt and I talk about kids all the time...and it's fun. :P But we both are very well aware that we have much more life to live before we commit to anything like that. Ohhh I'm being soooo serious!! :P


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