Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The loves of my life....

In honor of it being Valentine's Day soon and everyone is starting to get all gushy and mushy with their loved ones I decided that I should follow Hayley G. Hoovers lead and tell you all what hold the nearest and dearest to my heart.

-The discovery of finding a new song that not a lot of people around you may know, and loading it on my ipod to dance around my room like a crazy person.

-Getting back more and more everyday into a routine and schedule even if I stay up later then meant to I still get up when my alarm rings.

-The way my cat jumps into my arms and makes himself a little ball by my chest whenever I'm asleep.

-Getting lost in a good book when it's nasty outside and feeling like no one can touch me where ever I am.

-Having a best friend that I know is legitamitely there for me as I am for her without any if, and's or but's about it. I couldn't ask for anyone better for a best friend either.

-The way he looks at me and all the bad in the world and in my life seems to fade away, even if for a moment.

-I love that at 11:30 at night my boyfriend is stealing wifi from a restaurant so that he can talk to me and drop by for 10 minutes to hear good news and share a good night kiss to end his crappy day,only to know that I will be seeing him again tomorrow afternoon. :)

-I love that my hair is growing back more and more every day, and slowly turning back into my old self and feeling more and more comfortable in my skin again.

-That I applied for a school and have more or less got in, just need to figure out financial stuff then I may be going back A.S.A.P!

-That I'm writing again either on here or in a private journal as well as reading more and more.

-I love that even though I haven't asked my mom bought me a box of my favorite cereal and that I really do appreciate her for everything that she does for me and my brothers.

-That I can feel my dad's strength whenever I talk to him on the phone and hoping that my good news will inspire him not to be scared in his battle.

-That with all the support and prayers things in my life are starting to look up, and hopefully things will be getting progressively better for my dad and brother.

-my friends,family,and other supporters especially Alex who has been behind me before he even knew me in this battle.

I wish you all a Happy un-cliched Valentine's Day.


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