Thursday, January 6, 2011

Single Awareness Day is upon us..let the countdown begin!

Wow, it has been forever since I have wrote anything. I'm sorry :( I'd be lying if I said I haven't been thinking about you dear blog readers but I just haven't had anything to really write about. Well I have but I have but it's personal stuff. Even though I clearly have no filter for myself on my blog or in real life.

Okay first off, Happy New Year! How was everyone's did you do anything cooler than I did? I wrapped myself in a sweater and watched Snooki get lowered to the ground at the speed of a snail with my mom,instead of going out to a party or wearing the cute dress I bought and intended to wear that night. Suffice to say the Missouri weather kicked that plan right out the window.
I was reading a tweet earlier from a fellow blogger ChelsTalksSmack: she said exactly what I have thinking for about this past week or longer,"Being single is overrated" and to add to that nugget of common sense dating these days sucks too. I think the only "cool" time to be single is when you have a wicked awesome job and live in a cool city. Or if your in college apparently . I wouldn't know this though because I am not in school at the moment but when I did go it may have been cool. I was trying to stay focused so the opposite sex was just fun to admire from and laugh at from afar. Oh to be younger again and actually do things right. But I know I know "Everything happens for a reason." Yada yada yada.
As far as the stores are concerned though Febuary 14th is already here, I was in Wal-Mart the other night after a family dinner doing some bored browsing and half the store was covered in red and pinks and other shades associated with Singles Awareness Day and I was reminded once again that I'm single and it still kind of sucks. You can only go to so many movies alone  so many times before you become friends with the employees and the movies just start to get that much duller especially when you go alone. But I am enjoying being single while I have the chance..Girl Power!
So far the only thing that I can think of that I'm looking forward to on February 14th is an oncologist appointment to make sure that I'm still good and in remission. I haven't been feeling too bad except for a minor cold or two so I think I'm good. Fingers crossed.

I do realize that this post is WAY too early for a Valentine's Day blog but it had to be flushed from my brain sooner than later. So I wanna know if your single how do you celebrate or not on Single Awareness Day? If your taken, congrats your the cutest couple ever! What do you plan to do with your significant other this year?

I'll try to write  more and on a more regular basis from now on. Wifi issues kind of messed up my preferred writing times.

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