Monday, February 28, 2011

I am woman, hear me ROAR!

Attention gentlemen THIS ..."Hey is your mom Single? She's extremely GORGEOUS. You are too, and you look a lot better with long hair, but still beautiful :D.I like your profile. Would you like to get to know each other?"... is NOT the way to get a girls positive attention. At least not a girl like me anyways, maybe I'm being too tough on the opposite sex these days because I'm a little jaded, or I just really know what I am looking for in a guy, but what are you gonna do? 

Don't get my wrong I wouldn't mind having a guy to wrap his arms around me during a movie, have a picnic with and take pictures with on lovely days such as these. Also, having a guy that can keep muggers away, and isn't afraid of things. I've been through too much already in my life that I don't want a guy that is going to hold me down and keep me down just because of their own insecurities. That's just not how I roll, sorry. I know that everyone has their own sets of insecurities and I totally have a handful or two of my own, no denying that. 

I'm also a hopeless romantic so the fact that I'm so cynical about love and guys (right now) doesn't really make sense, I know. But I have learned enough from my mom and from being born in the age of the independent woman that success is possible without a man.  

I do have unfaltering faith that there IS someone out there for me that is more or less exactly what I'm looking for in a guy, and as long as they can accept my eccentricities and I will promise to accept their's with my whole heart and nothing less. I know that I have a lot of things to work on and with time and a shit load of patience from both sides, progress will be made..

Til' then it's all about ME..



  1. Loved this! I can totally relate to being a romantic, yet a little cynical. How else can we be, though? If we continue walking along with our heads in the clouds, we will undoubtedly get hurt. Better to have our eyes open, even though that may make us cynical.

  2. Exactly, I almost want to blame 80's and 90's teen aimed/romcom's but that would be a total cop out, I've always been a romantic though because movies have taught me that if you wait long enough there will be someone that will adore every morsel of you no matter what your like. They're just really hard to come by (or right under our noses) in this day and age.


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