Thursday, October 27, 2011

15 Things that I am currently in Love with..

1.'s weird to start off saying this one first but it's true. I love that I am bettering myself and meeting new amazing people along the way. I hardly even go home on weekends because anywhere outside of my new "community" has become slightly foreign to me.


3. 500 Days of Shaneiferd- a fellow blogger/college student just trying to balance everything without spilling too much.

4.This post by A Cup of JO, whom I just recently found out is actually a blogger for Glamour's online blog Smitten. I love that!

5. Sitting next to my boyfriend in bed, him reading the paper and me writing or vise versa. Which ironically is happening as I write this post. <3

6. It's like all of my dentist's hard work was for nothing, but I intend to brush my teeth hardcore for the next three months. om nom nom

7.  Banana Nutella Crepes, I tried them for the first time when I met the boyfriend's family for brunch a few weekends back and this was the only recipe that I could find that's close enough to what I had.

8.  Sleep. As a college student this is like air and man have I been taking it in! In between classes and after homework of course.

9. My family for everything that they have stood by me for and for everything that I have put them through.

10. Halloween!! It's my Christmas, plus who doesn't like the fact that one night out of the year they can be someone they're not?   Case in point: I'm participating in my school's Haunted Hall this year and I get to be a "crazy person" I'm super excited!!  Then at a costume party for another school event the boyfriend and I are going to be Kate and William.

11. I'm going to look into writing for my school's newspaper, starting slow as a contributor and working my way up hopefully.

12. this video by WheezyWaiter, because he's awesome!

13.  My RA, because she's pretty much the coolest person ever!

14. My boyfriend, he's pretty awesome and he and I balance each other out quite well. Plus, on my crazy girl days he's there to hold me and keep my thoughts at bay.

15. Myself! Not in a conceited kind of way, just that after EVERYTHING  that I have been through I still have managed to keep myself sane this whole time, or relatively sane.


  1. I LOVE WHEEXY WAITER SO MUCH. I'm going to be in Chicago in February, and I plan on stalking him. That's not weird, right?


    :-) Glad you are feeling the love right now, lady! I loved school while I was there, too--the community was so wonderful and fulfilling and I miss that feeling. Here's to looking forward to grad school, wahoo!

  2. ...and by 'wheexy' I mean 'wheezy.' God I hate typos so much. [headdesk.]

  3. God, that Wheezy video is my favourite ever. Which is really saying something. And of course, costumes and candy and Halloween rock. Glad you seem so happy!

  4. Halloween is *almost* as good as Wheezy.

  5. banana nutella crepes was all i needed to read and im totally in love with this post ;)

  6. I love Nutella crepes. Never had bananas in them, but now I want to try that! Sounds so yummy right now!


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