Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Forever Young, a rant.

In youth the days are short and the years are long; in old age the years are short and the days long.  ~Nikita Ivanovich Panin

It seems that every time I log on to Facebook these days one of my friend's is getting engaged or is prego, and I really want to shake them and tell them to stop being so crazy, but after careful deliberation I decided against that. Especially for my prego friends. But most of my friend's that are taking these giant leaps into life range in ages from 17 to 23 or so. Yes, there are some that exceptions because some of my friend's are married and are ready for the next step, but seriously the ones that are barely legal should keep in it their pants and focus on other things, like school, work, staying off the pipe and the pole and keeping their dreams in sight and within arms reach. I just wish that kids these days would stop and think things like this through because it sucks to see them when and if they don't succeed, yes some do, but divorce rates are steep these days and the economy is worse. However, I can understand if a couple has been together for awhile and they have the intention to get married and have kids one day, but time isn't always against us, we just think it is. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for them, and I'm definitely not jealous of them but it's all just hard to comprehend and it's sometimes a little pressuring on me because pretty soon my mom will be asking me, "hey Nicole, when is so-and-so going to put a ring on it and make me a grandma?" and that day I'm not really looking forward to AT ALL

The media really isn't helping either, show's like Teen Mom and others like it are romanticizing the whole thing, and it's really irritating for me. Quite possibly because I've had a lot of things go awry for me that have somewhat set me back from experiencing some things in life, but I totally don't regret going through them and I live my life in a slightly selfish way and I am happy only worrying about what my family, my friends and other loved ones are doing. No other people are really depending on me to feed and clothe them and everything else that comes with getting married and/or having kids. Though in some cases getting married can be like having a kid, just a really big kid. 

The fact that I haven't really seen or been in a relationship that has lasted (I have yet to make it a year in a relationship, Sad random fact) a decent amount of time, like over 10 years besides my grandparents who have made it to 80 flippin' years of being married!! I think we all asked what their secret was at the party, but what they said has left me at the moment but I'm sure there are some pretty crazy things that they aren't going to divulge with their impressionable grandchildren about how to survive a marriage for so long besides ya know unconditional love. 
This week Kim Kardashian announced after 72 days of marriage that she wanted a divorce, now this doesn't really surprise me because it's just another stupid celebrity marriage that is just making her ratings that much higher and gawd is she loving it because the only proper name for her is "gold digger" and she more than knows it, she relishes in this fact which is disgusting. Celebrities and politicians are ruining the sanctity of marriage, with their marriages that only last at the most a year and ludicrous reasons for divorce. Politicians are definitely not any better, unless you live under a rock than I think that you can probably imagine my feelings on that whole thing. 
I personally am not sure whether or not I want to get married or not, maybe, but right now I have things to do for myself and I want the chance to get out on my own one day and be independent and what not, whether I have a boyfriend or not I still want these things because not everyone is giving themselves the chance to have them and I'm not going to be one of them. 

But that's just how I feel about it all, sorry for the ranting but these things irk me like no other.



  1. Good rant and I agree with you.

    Oh and I heard Kim Kardashian's wedding cost 10 million. Quite a lot for something that only lasted 72 days.

  2. kim kardashian is so dumb and annoying! i wish she would go away. i hope she gives that guy the 2 million dollar ring back. and give back all the fancay gifts she got.

    and wow 80 years of marriage, that's so awesome!

  3. Can I just call attention to the fact that you definitely said, " these days..." OHEMGEE we just became old! :-D

    I completely agree with you. Not only am I in no hurry to get married or spawn aliens from my torso, I am completely okay with these things happening yeeeaaarrsss down the line for me. I want to take my time with these things, because as a kid with divorced parents, I don't ever want that to be a part of my marriage equation.

    The thing that kills me about Kim's 72 day marriage is that if it's not a publicity stunt, that means that she and her (ex)husband are so incapable of working our their problems that they would waste all of that money spent on the wedding that could have been used to, you know, buy a hundred homes, sponsor thousands of children in Africa, do some good in the world, etc, just so that they could reneg on all of it. We live in a society that does not encourage longevity in relationships. It's like once you start having little issues in your relationship, it's considered okay to just bail, rather than actually trying to work out your problems and grow as a person and a couple. What's wrong with trading a little of that selfishness for some real life skills, huh???

  4. I couldn't agree with you both more than I do, celebrities, while they are interesting and ridiculous and we eat up everything they do and say it really irks me that they don't even try at relationships. No, I take that back some do, some have had marriages and relationships that have lasted for years, we just weren't aware because they keep that part of their lives separate from prying eyes.

  5. No need to rush anything - or feel pushed to rush it. Remember, Society doesn't really know what it's talking about - it just talks loud and hope everyone else will follow.

  6. I don't feel rushed, I'm perfectly content in going the speed that I'm at and going with the flow of things, I just do a headdesk every time one of my friend's is getting engaged or is prego and they announce it on Facebook. I mean when that time comes for me I may become the biggest hypocrite about the subject and will make my friend's feel the same way but right now I'm not there yet, and I'm uber content with not living up to society's preconceived qualms about how every one needs to do things to have a "perfect" life.

  7. it's so cliche but so true that life really is a journey. oh, and, Kim K is lame!

    xo chanel


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