Friday, November 18, 2011

In which I bitch about Twilight.

I think he likes her, or ya know wants to eat her.

So I was one of the minorities of my school last night, because ya know the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn came out. I am happy to say that I have only been to maybe two of those premieres and I intend to keep it that way.
 This post is going to be kind of my like my fellow Blogging friend Lex's and her total disdain and absolute loathing  for Twilight.

My reasons are pretty much the same as hers but I recently turned on the television earlier and Twilight was on, after having not watched the movie in awhile I attempted to try and watch it and that didn't go so well I talked to one of my boyfriend's roommate's girlfriend's about the whole mess of the movie and threw   the metaphorical tomatoes at it. That was pretty great!

I'm not going to lie, when I was a little younger I read them all because lets face it, a love story is always a good story. Especially after a breakup, so I did the next best thing and fell in love with a fictional character. But then I started reading more into it and realizing what a travesty it was.

Taken from my Facebook.

My favorite part of the Twilight movies is when Bella almost dies, then needs to be saved by ALL the men in her life. Clearly Stephanie Meyer thinks that women of this day and age are helpless, fragile beings all the way through adulthood. No, that ends.
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 Those are just my thoughts


  1. Amen. Though I have never been into it. My fad was Harry Potter. I was over vampires by the time Twilight rolled around as the current trend. Also, I think the acting is heinous. When I saw Twilight for the first time... I feel like my tweet captures my boredom :p!/acarefuldaughtr/status/96400301694791680

  2. lololololololol


    This made me laugh. I, too, tried to watch the movie this week. Very funny. I just love how they play the characters. Because it's so true to the book, in my opinion. Kristen Stewart talks in monotone through out the whole thing. And Robert Pattinson tries to buckle her into the passenger's seat. The movie (even though most likely unintentional) actually pokes fun at the novel. Which is fantastic.

  3. I'm with you there Sam, Harry Potter always has and always will be my fandom of choice!

  4. I did read all the books (once apiece, not millions of times over like some people i could mention but won't because you'll have no idea who they are haha) and have seen each movie once or twice. The movies suck. Kristen Stewart always looks like she just got stabbed in the stomach (always so in pain!) and she must have left her inhaler and home, she's always gasping and shuddering betwixt every word.

    That being said, I recently saw Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants and was pleasantly surprised with his performance.

  5. I know right, I think that R. Pats is the only one doing something to get away from the Twilight spotlight. Well, Taylor Lautner may but he's taking his time with it.


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