Friday, October 21, 2011

Words and things..

Sorry I've been such a slacker on posting lately. I've been writing posts but they only make it as far as the drafts file and it really sucks because I used to be good at this whole blogging thing.. You'd think that being in college that I would  be rife with material but sadly that hasn't completely been my case this year. I have a lot of stories that I could/would share with you guys, but some are not mine to tell and well I don't want to get in trouble for practicing my right as an American so I just stick to writing huge research papers and creeping other people's blogs for inspiration.  But what I can tell you guys is that...

While in college I have;

Learned to appreciate Nicki Minaj more so than before, especially Super Bass. I'm a sheep that's a sucker for catchy stupid music.

Started to absolutely loathe and detest country music for the most part, mainly because my roommate insists on listening to it (and having a night light) on to sleep with. Suffice to say I arranged my side of the room around to keep my sanity.

Changed my sleeping habits considerably, instead of going to sleep early-ish  like I initially planned I usually fall into bed around 3AM, all I have to say to that is thank goodness for Einstein brothers and coffee carts.

Met SOO many amazing people, fellow nerdfighters, bloggers, foreign exchange students (I've met a Russian and a Brit and didn't even have to cross any oceans to meet them)  and everything in between. I love it so much!! I knew that this would happen but I didn't realize that it would really ever happen to me.

Finally traveled to another state and went on my first road trip to Nebraska with some people from my hall, their friend and my boyfriend. I finally saw a good portion of the famous Omaha Zoo, had a taste of Runza and other Nebraska fare. It was a great experience and I can't wait to do it again. I am also going to try and post pictures of that eventually. Midterms are next week so I'm going to try and get as much as I can done.

Okay, that's about all I could think of for now...what are your best college experiences?


  1. Keep sucking on those coffee cups! Good luck for Midterms! and Squeeze in more roadtrippin'! :D

  2. I live at home so my college experiences are all around boring or just plain nonexistant. That's cool about the road trip though, I've always wanted to go on one but never have.

  3. Oh God. Coffee carts sound like a beautiful savior. As far as I know, there are no coffee carts at my school. All we have is Starbucks in Louisiana. Wahhh! :(

  4. Well we have coffee shop type things in the halls and library around school but that's sadly about it on campus but they keep me in my latte's and chai so my complaints are minimal.

  5. We have an Einstein's too, but I've never been what with me being poor and all. :/

    I however AM a frequent shopper of the QT mochas and such. :}

  6. QT is great for poor college kids, I have a Flex plan so that helps me stay fed and caffeinated so it's good :)

  7. yes QT is the god of gas stations.

    also, i thought this was funny, i wrote this at the beginning of my 3rd month of freshmen year:
    "A small list of things I've learned in college...outside the classroom.

    1.) I truly hate people who are always in a hurry. The ones that do absolutely everything twice as fast as necessary and even talk so fast that you can't believe they just said something, let alone comprehend it. So then you're sitting there, 3 seconds or so, trying to piece the jabber together, and they do the sigh. The "seriously, didn't you hear me?" sigh.
    I know this from working in food service, where all people care about is getting their damn food.

    2.) Bikes are no longer lame; they're quite essential, and if you don't have a bicycle (like me) then you are slightly jealous of those who do.
    However-one person tandem bikes are ridiculous.

    3.) Some people act so stupidly that you seriously question whether or not they really should be in college. For example:
    I'm serving cake. There is a nice little sign that tells people that it is "Winston White Cake." Upon reading this sign, studying it, they ask me, "What does that mean?" and "what is that?"


    I had three different people ask me this.

    4.) Professors are not scary and mean (well, usually). In fact: you might see them at some big public function, and they say "Hello!" and then proceed to introduce you to other professors.

    5.) Quarters are no longer just pop money; they are the tickets to cleanliness.

    6.) When you have to sprint and dodge sprinklers to get to where you're going, it's like you're in a video game!!

    And last of all, and probably the most important: the old cliché that everything happens for a reason.
    My reason: the most unhappy thing might happen to you, only to make you the happiest person in the world."


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