Monday, December 5, 2011

It's that time again!

The blustery winter winds are moving in and all across my campus students are clutching coffee cups with gloved hands and all of the girls that can afford the boots with the fur are rocking them like no one else can. That's right, another Missouri winter is moving in and no one is happy, well except for the crazy ones that actually enjoy this crap. I like the winter months about as much as one can, the snow is pretty and the ability to layer as much or as little as necessary is nice. Though my favorite part by far of the cold months is the food!! My mom and I make massive crock pots full of chili and soups and I bake up huge batches of cookies and brownies and other delicious and super fattening things and then we all sit down to feed our faces while watching holiday movies, so there are some pros to winter. I suppose that I really don't hate it all that much, just as long as I don't have to drive in the shit, I'm that person that cancels plans and/or makes others come and get them to do things in the winter because I'm not the best driver in the snow unless the roads have been cleared completely off! 

Another thing that I kind of dislike about the holiday season is trying to think of what I may want, I already know two things and that's it. My mom is a single mom so I was trying to be easy on her when I asked for a Kindle, not the new Fire one that is almost an Ipad, but that would be really pushing it and I love my mom so I asked for the Kindle and I really hope that I get it.

I think that when I get older and can actually afford to take vacations that I'm going to pull a Christmas with the Kranks and go somewhere nice and tropical and warm and avoid the insanity of Christmas, but like the Krank's that idea may get swept under the rug because my family will want to see me so I would have to suck it up and endure the cold weather and hustle and bussle of the season at the stores. But that's okay too I suppose, I do love my family so either way really would be nice.

Time to get back to studying and writing, good luck to everyone on their finals!!

What are your favorite parts/things to do in the winter months and what's on your wish list?

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