Monday, August 15, 2011

I have a secret..kinda...

When I was sick with cancer about a year and a half ago I could barely eat, well not a lot of the food that I was supposed to eat while dealing with chemotherapy and all of the crap that that whole process entails. My nurses handed me a massive pamphlet about dealing with the whole process and while skimming it I saw that I could pretty much anything, anything that I could hold down, so I started to whip up my own semi recipes from magazines, the internet etc.

During the fall/winter and into spring (right before I went into remission) I was in the kitchen for about two month in between chemo sessions, I was baking of all things; cookies! Not to toot my own horn but my cookies are pretty freaking awesome, especially when my brother helps me and we both *secretly* steal licks of the batter and chunks of the chips. I'm a great sister. I made everything from your run of the mill chocolate chip cookies to butterscotch/white chocolate morsel cookies to peanut butter. Sadly I wasn't as deep into the internet and food blogs as I am now but I've been learning so much from so many wonderful people and their beautiful blogs out there. This fall since I may not be going to the school I intended to yet, because you gotta walk before you can run I'm going to start up my baking some more. That even includes baking up a recipe that my friend introduced me to the other day, it includes espresso and since I'm a coffee noob I was wired  and then tired once I had devoured my share, but it was so worth it.....

..and then...

my mom bought a jar of Nutella and my little brother and I have been on the hunt for some delicious recipes to avoid eating the whole jar with giant spoons. It's safe to say that I will be making a bakery's worth of cookies and other goodies in the coming months. I may have to turn my blog into a food blog for a couple of months but I'll be back to my normal random thoughts as soon as I can, that includes the writing portfolio.

Recipes on the board:

Nutella Pop Tarts!
F-f-f- french toast
Brownies anyone?

I'm a bit of a sweet tooth :B


  1. Yum! I love to bake! I usually bake my way all the way though December - then all my family and friends get cookies as a gift for the holidays.

    You should totally blog the recipes you make and like! :) Can't wait to see some photos :) Nutella Cookies? YES please!! :D

  2. I'm pretty excited too, I see so much cute artsy pictures of food and goodies on other people's blogs and I'm like, ":O I want to make stuff like that, please!"


  4. I would totally be on board with reading your cooking blog for a while. Not super into sweets though...

  5. I'll see what I can do to mix it up a bit Woody :)

  6. Awesome :) I like your new background!

  7. Thank you! I was getting a little sick of the jellybeans, they made me crave sugar every time I logged on lol

  8. I remember back when I thought Nutella was healthy. I have no idea why, because it's basically death in a jar.

  9. Well then I will take that over cancer lol


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